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  1. GamblersMix

    Balls of Steel LOL Love that sound when you hit on those 4OAK !!!

  2. The Brothers X Hundred

    Hey Ladies! Nice Quad Queens man!

  3. john appel

    That was a ballsy move switching to Bonus Poker Deluxe at $125 a pull against that bankroll. What a blast seeing it pay off. Great Job!🍎

    1. John Molvanian

      The TDB play already sensitized that! Great quad hit on BPDX! It seems he earned it.

  4. e3754

    Nice quad hit!

  5. Tina Vocassio

    Awesome hit. 🎉🎉🎉👍👍👍

  6. James Ross

    At 3:47 you take pair of queens and if you held the k/q of hearts you would have had a straight flush

  7. Slotmassacre

    Go for the Royal at 2:29…not sure what I was thinking 😐 and don’t hold the fours against the royal draw 😳

    1. Tooktoomuchmolly

      3:51 .. you try full house instead of 4 aces.. even better just to hold the 3s (but aces better and (you still make that full house lol)

    2. John Molvanian

      3:11 here you might hold other 3 cards

    3. John Molvanian

      I go for the royal often but you made the right move with 4 cards per perfect strategy. You are suppose to hold 10,J,Q and J,Q,K.

    4. Slotmassacre

      It gets my heart pumping and that’s pretty much what I thought at that second

    5. Eric 777

      I thought the same thing but at $125 Maybe it was the safe play.

  8. K Beagle

    I;ve won a couple hand pays this year. Do you turn in all your winnings for taxes? I understand if you dont answer, just curious.

    1. Slotmassacre

      Everything. Even my over seas wins.

  9. Poejj

    Enjoy your videos. Hope you keep uploading.

  10. John Cats

    Awesome fight & knock out 💰

  11. Stuart Atkins

    Think of the money you could win if you made the right choices. Check out the Wizard of Odds and learn how to play better.

    1. Slotmassacre

      Ha, sure thing

  12. Mega23

    Awesome win

  13. J Williams

    You must be brushing up on your Jacks game. I only saw two mistakes. Remember to hold 3 suited face cards, instead of a non-paid pair. The other hold was 4 broadway cards, with 2 suited face cards. The correct hold is the two suited face cards, not 4 broadway cards. Other than that, great job! Nice hit with 4 Qs!

    Also, I noticed you started the using buttons. Good. Yeah, hitting that screen over and over and over, is rough on the back. Lol

    1. Slotmassacre

      I actually make more mistakes using the Buttons but it’s probably more a function of avoiding security while filming with one eye on camera and one on the screen

  14. Rebecca Kay

    Good win ,congratulations !

  15. mwint1982

    Dont have to edit out the lame hands. We like the suspense. Plus you make money on 10 min or longer vids

    1. Slotmassacre

      Its a work in progress 🙂

    2. Weekend Handicapper

      Yes, good point! You are exactly right. Make the videos last until at least 10 minutes. You will get paid more. It would be worth it.

  16. JAT - Just Amature Tech - Phil PJ Davis

    Check yourself! You got three cards to the Royal for $100k. I get the 4s but your there for the big bucks?

    1. Slotmassacre

      Yep when I rewatched I actually couldn’t believe I did that …and twice 😳

  17. R G Slot Wins

    Congratulations sir

  18. Vegas Tips and Tricks

    Wow! Nice hit! Where were you playing?

    1. Slotmassacre

      That was at Harrahs vegas.

  19. joshuad450

    Boy, were you lucky!

  20. kdct kdct

    I dont know why I like watching others play VP, but thanks for sharing. Man no way I could play $125/hand @ 7/5. Anyway, keep posting!

    1. kdct kdct

      @Slotmassacre You have more guts than me! All BS aside, thanks for the video.

    2. Slotmassacre

      Yeah it’s nuts but it helps to get $2,500 in Freeplay for it

  21. Mike Strat


  22. OKslots of_fun

    Congrats on that 10 grand! Awesome hit. I love to play video poker (not $25 level lol). New subscriber here – good luck!

    1. Slotmassacre

      Thanks. Looking forward to $100,000 next time 🙂

  23. Terry B

    Thats what Im talkin about!!! $10,000!! Awesome hit!

  24. ak

    Just a dumb question but why do you not play double double jackpot? Im no VP expert so I was just wondering, I see 2pair pays 10 where it pays 5 on DD Jackpot. Am I playing the wrong video poker? I only play 1 dollar and 2 dollar so my bets are only 5$ and 10$ so I play small.

    1. Slotmassacre

      Not sure I ever have tbh. I’ll take a look next time I see it

  25. Pop Corn

    How do you shoot video in a casino?

  26. Daniel Robison

    What casino was this at?

  27. LukeO


  28. Jenn Ky

    You certainly killed it this trip. Nice!

  29. ragingbullwinkle Rocky

    Dude, I need balls of steel to play a 2.00 machine! LOL

    1. Slotmassacre

      I remember very clearly hitting the $1 level the first time. That’s $5 a bet which was and I still consider pretty high limit for most people

    2. ragingbullwinkle Rocky

      Although full discloser I did get a W2 on four 8s once and an 8K RF and two 4K Aces with the kicker and 1600 fours with the kicker. It was full Butt cheek clincher, however. Hello my name is Rockingbullwinkel….LOL

  30. rashrick1

    at 3:46 you played it right, but the damn machine cheated you out a straight flush…!! i hate it when it does that..!!

    1. Slotmassacre

      Ha! I won so it’s okay

  31. james murphy

    how much did that cost?

  32. Joshua Pepper


  33. Desmond Castro

    He! You removed your mask in a public place. Thats gonna be a $10K fine, bud !

    1. Slotmassacre

      I’ve heard California pays you to rat out your neighbors..for parties I think

  34. Jessie Fox

    I literally only play 200$ every 6 months or so.

  35. Maggot

    Why are you holding the two threes with the two aces?

    1. Slotmassacre

      On bonus poker its what you do.

  36. Johnny Xtreme

    I like explanation at the end. I was wondering why you wouldn’t play full play games

  37. Brad Figiel

    Good fun. I killed it today, $2 4A with jqk, another $2 4A with 2,3,4 and to end the day a $1 RF! All max bet so very good day indeed. 5 hour session.

    1. Slotmassacre

      That’s a great day indeed

  38. carolannlocks

    I actually play bonus poker deluxe when I’m down cuz payout is good . And 1 four of a kind brings back in my game. Great on 10k . I don’t play your strategy but I love watching !

  39. John Molvanian

    3:41 hmmmmmmm.

    1. Tooktoomuchmolly

      3:53 , two aces two 3s bad choice .. he aims for full house instead of 4 aces … even better to take just the 3s in that case

  40. Eric 777

    So nice. Love your reaction!

  41. Bsmack isback

    Ive had a few nights on STP $5 denom 5 play and Ultimate X $5 denom 5 play…its some sick, vomit inducing shit at anything $125 and over.

  42. Mark Challed

    AP nice play. Wow I rarely play $5 denom. I love the slow it down. Thought BPD was a non starter but you made it work. (Just thinking when you are playing that level 2 pair paying 10 would keep you in there longer.) You are the man.

  43. Chris Grant

    Awesome.txx for the awesome poker video

  44. J H

    Wow, got lucky again! Where is that video when you have nothing but losses? Not one 4OAK! I know those streaks happen and often! Many sessions do not have a happy end unless you have a bottomless bankroll.

    1. Slotmassacre

      Ive had TOO many of those this summer. Im on a huge upswing right now.

  45. John Carlson

    Ive had a few nerve-wracking stints at $10 denom ($50 a hand) when I was ahead in winnings, which makes watching this video exciting as hell (feels like Im playing vicariously through you…smiles!). I found myself breathing sighs of relief when you would get a simple winning pair, so as to give you another shot at the big win…and this time you did it. 4 queens for 10K! I see a quad aces with kicker on TDP in your future for a cool 100k.

    1. Slotmassacre

      Its truly a thrill. Getting a pair feels SOOOO much different at this level.

  46. Connie Ellis

    I just had to message you.i see you drive a just got on the s&p 500.i have stock in it.hope you do too.took off like a rocket.😁

    1. Connie Ellis

      Nice hits

    2. Connie Ellis

      @Slotmassacre cant wait till tomarrow am.💵💵💵

    3. Slotmassacre

      Yes it sure did. I owned stock for about a year but I am out now.

  47. HHOF 99

    Good luck! Keep the videos coming!

  48. Steven Sanchez

    Nice video – I am trying to learn but I want to ask a question? Why are you not holding just the Aces 2:34 mark where you also decide to hold the two 3s ? Payout for 2 pairs is $10.00 and Full House is $40 but four Aces is $400 and Three of a kind is $15.00 . wouldnt it be better to just go for four aces or are you trying to get a Full House ? Please explain. I see you do this also at other times as well. I love your videos.

  49. James Specht

    Good hit I know how stressful playing for $125 can get

    1. Slotmassacre

      Its insanely stressful. So much that its hard for me to film.. I cant afford a mistake that could cost me $100,000 just to film :-0

  50. Christi Bell

    Biting ny 💅 nails. Awesome play.

  51. LouDog777

    Great hit!!!
    Glad to see you get one. I enjoy your videos and will always like when you do commentary or lay-over odds, anything like that is good.

    1. Slotmassacre

      Ive got an analysis video coming tomorrow.

  52. John Molvanian

    3:12 you definitely go for 3RF and discard pair of 4s

  53. Rick Lewis

    Something tells me 10,000 barely gets your blood flowing

    1. Slotmassacre

      It does when I’m down and hit it 🙂

  54. Scotty Bear

    just sitting in my chair thinking to myself about running bad at 125 a pull makes me breakout in sweats

    1. Slotmassacre

      Not just you 😱

  55. The Quant007
  56. bob howard

    Yeah, you got lucky. You started with 5k so you really only made 5k and were so close ($300) to losing it all like 99.99% of the rest of us do. Nice comeback, does your wife know?

    1. Slotmassacre

      Lol. One upside to not being married I suppose.

  57. Robert Andrews

    When you held the QQ midway through, you woulda hit a straight flush if you’d held the KQhh instead…

  58. Vince A

    That was awesome, $10,000 for 4 queens.. Congrats 👍🙂

  59. T Gates

    Nice hit!!!

  60. Christi Bell

    Okay, Steel Balls!!!!

  61. Weekend Handicapper

    Nice hit man! Keep it going!

  62. Alstars2006

    (Another Day another 10 Grand!! Can you imagine if you played $100 denomination? It would of been 40 Grand 4 of a kind! CONGRATULATIONS!! I may Try it some Day!! YOU ROCK and ROLL)☆☆☆☆☆

  63. system down

    Hell Yeah!

  64. Rollen’ with Mr. Lopez

    Hell yah man.. that’s what’s up.. 10k💰👍🏾

  65. John Molvanian

    Wow it’s a hundred grand if you hit the big one.

  66. Patrick Smith

    I notice when you get 2 pair you always hold them both, say 2 Qs and 2 threes, I know it pays a little more but wouldn’t it be better to discard the threes and try for a better 3 of a kind or 4 of a kind,

    1. Slotmassacre

      On bonus poker you never drop two pair. So, it just depends on the game.

  67. Mark Hayden

    Im sorry Caesars Entertainment, but a $25 7/5 BP is absolutely a ripoff! If a player plays 600 hands a hour, than thats $75K coin-in per hour. The best case scenario is to lose $1500 per hour and probably more while you are waiting for the royal. This is excessive to make this much money off a machine that is not paid a salary, never calls in sick, and does not require health insurance. Even on a full pay BP machine the house will still make $622 per hour. Also, a player is much more likely to play longer on a full pay machine.

    1. HHOF 99

      These pay tables never heard of this in all my years of gambling. I do believe the players card may have to do with results at times. I hit in 2 months about 5 years ago 6 royals, 4 aces with kicker five times, lost count of how many four aces and four of a kinds on $1 or $2 denominations. I had 75K in hand pays in those few months.. Never hit a royal in 40 years of gambling until then. Go figure!!

    2. RobotWookiee

      These machines are meant to clean you out. Im pretty sure that this is not new information, tiger. Cheers.

  68. Ida Bucks

    Congratulations!!! Nice hit!!

  69. Randy Powell

    3 to the royal and you keep a deuce of diamonds WTF

    1. Slotmassacre

      Yeah it was a mistake.

    2. Jason Bourne

      I saw that too. He had AKQ of d. Supposed to go for it where you have 3 to the Royal or even the Str8t Flush.

  70. Docs Gambling

    Nice hit bro !!! Got close there for a second lol.

  71. Brian B

    You hold the stupidest cards

    1. Slotmassacre

      Ha! Sure I do.

  72. Steve P

    your prolly gonna get blasted for that move but here goes
    go for the 3 card royal over the 2 low pair, you missed it! but only a .2% difference ne way

    1. Slotmassacre

      I know 😉

  73. jokerspin 777


  74. Lucky Scratchers & Slots

    Nice 10g

  75. rrCHRISxx

    Nice hit!

  76. Brad Figiel

    Yay, finally changing credit to dollars on the screen!

    1. Slotmassacre

      Been trying to remember

  77. James Anderson

    You time skip all the time… I see you lose 3k but then win 4 k and say your up 7k…. dude I like the videos but show some real shit…

    1. Slotmassacre

      This was at two caesers properties and I have been shut down filming there even after I received permission.

  78. AMAYA Explorer

    Love you video and always watch it. And I subscribe your channel pls can u subscribe my channel .

  79. Bigkats Poker

    Always beautiful when the 4 boys come up to end the session, nice job staying in there for the quads.

  80. Brock Hankins

    When you held the 44 instead of the AQJ of hearts @ 3:11, I wanted to scream.

    1. Slotmassacre

      Oh yes that was an epic brain fart

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