Volcano casino neden başlangıç ​​sayfası yerine açılıyor?

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Ardından, daha önce tarayıcıyı başlattığınız masaüstünden kısayolu kaldırın ve. Bu sorunun oluşmasının nedeni, kötü amaçlı yazılımın ve başarısızlığın. Swetimi otomatik modda silmenizi tavsiye ediyoruz.

Neden ana sayfa yerine yanardağ kumarhanesi açılıyor – Bonuslar kumarhane

Bazen PC’yi kontrol etmek için birkaç saat var. Sonucu sabitlemek için, yüklediğiniz bir antivirüs kullanarak bilgisayarınızın tam. Genellikle, enfeksiyonun enfeksiyonunun başlangıcından tarayıcıdaki enfeksiyonu ortaya çıkarmak mümkündür. Sürecin çok zaman alabileceği gerçeğine ödenmelidir.

Kaldırma programının talimatlarını takiben “volkan” Volcano casino neden başlangıç ​​sayfası yerine açılıyor? kurtulun. Bazılarının eylemi veri kaybına yol açar, diğerleri daha az yardımcı ortamlarda etkisi olarak görev yapabilir.

Bir viral program örneğinde, diğerleri ile nasıl başa çıkılacağınızı.

Volcano bir tarayıcı başlatır. Tarayıcıdan Vulcan Casino reklamları nasıl kaldırılır

Daha sonra, işletim sisteminin çalışmasını optimize etmek için kullanılan. Yani onunla birlikte kaybolacak ve çevrimiçi bir kumarhaneyi reklam. Veya internete girmek için başka herhangi bir program.

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  1. Ojo Felix NM


  2. 1 1

    I just wanna say thank you.. its the song you play at the end! I would of crapped my pants! Good guy!!

  3. W.M.A.TREZ -YUP


  4. karen brown

    Wow awsome

  5. Rabbits Gaming

    Nice win, share ur blessing. 😇

  6. Kevin James

    Give me luck mama

  7. kerrybleau

    As mr trump would say that was huuuuge


    I want $750 free credit all I get is $50😭

  9. K J

    That’s was unbelievable, wishing it was me 🙌🏾

  10. James Anderson


  11. JDubSlots

    Awesome hit. One day I would love to hit something that big

  12. Bubba Matrix


  13. Lorenzo Salazar slot adventures

    Omg what a blessing. May God keep blessing you and all subscribers

  14. Carlos Lehder

    I’m lost… how do you constantly win credits each time you spin. What am I missing?

    1. Netpilot

      See detailed reply to the pinned comment at the top.

    2. Zo Time


    3. hao chen

      Carlos Lehder free play

  15. Richard Randell

    that was leet

  16. Shygirl

    That was amazing, first time watching you play.
    I love it nuff love💯👍

  17. Kathy Weber

    Thats weird u were filming all ur pulls then we didnt see u actually get the jackpot!😱😱

  18. lordmusea

    Good for you! And thanks for your disclosure at the end. It’s important to acknowledge the losses as well as the wins.

  19. Alika F

    WOW♥ congratulations
    Happy Mothers Day♥

  20. Hami N

    That redeposit sound is annoying asf

  21. Matt Von Ruden

    Well now i dont need to watch it. The amount won is already listed

  22. high5compliments


  23. karen brown

    Great that you gave it to your mom that’s so selfless in your ❤️ 💜 heart

  24. Margarita Cisneros

    I miss San Manuel, I live near Graton now. It sucks.

  25. John John

    Wow..congrats, line 9 hit.. San Manuel still boasts the most handpays.. you ever play buffalo grand upstairs, it turns over about every 5-6 weeks.. continued good fortunes…

  26. Harvey Lattray


  27. Kenya C

    Right last names always seem to get more free play and big wins.

  28. Doinikins V

    Wow!! Superb win. Congrats from Philippines

  29. Lone Wolf

    Most annoyng noise ever!

  30. Charlotte Nasise

    WOW! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Landon Cash

    Do they give you cash when you win this much?? Id think they could wire it to your bank, or at least a check. Id hate walking around with this much money

    1. Texas PatriotGal

      Hand pay cash

  32. Jonathan

    Congratulations, this is my favorite machine also.
    Curious how much did taxes take?

  33. Hong Nguyen


  34. zachery alderton

    i could spend $ 53,000

  35. Cecilia González


  36. hondansx1972

    bullshit u gave all that to ur mother, dont sound like a nice guy dude, ive been there.

  37. Jessie Hogsett

    Awesome win man!!!! Totally cool. I was playing red hots penny machine. Max bet $3. Hit the jackpot for $10,167. Wish I could hit a huge one like you did.

  38. Jackie Schuld

    you were chasing it and caught it just perfectly, terrific!

  39. Kendall Butler

    Wow, how incredible and exciting! Even more incredible that you gave it to your mother. You must have a wonderful family. Congratulations!

  40. Emc2

    Congratulations Jésus ^^ WOW WOW WOW

  41. Gangsta Vic

    Great hit 💰

  42. Xavier Jay

    Such an anticlimactic end

  43. Tina M


  44. schallrd1

    OMG on black diamond win.

  45. Royce Kwon

    Wakino Akafuji?

  46. Francisco Garcia

    Very nice

  47. Anthony Burchett

    Nice. Glad you got lucky chasing a dream and u where successful 🍀💰😎. I like your wise words at the end and also giving money to Mom. Sounds like something I would do. She will manage it a bit better probably. Congratulations and keep on hitting those jackpots. Winning streak🍀🍀🍀

  48. Suzi Q

    Insane jackpot

  49. Glenda McDaniel

    Wow!!!! Thats awesome of you to give it to your Mom!!!

  50. Travel Alone


  51. David Alcazar

    So from the 53,000 how much was your cut after taxes ?

  52. URComped

    Congratulations! Your video was chosen for our #1 spot this week in our top 5 Slot Jackpots of the week. You can see your video and all the others here on our weekly blog. Good luck and sign up if you have not already done so.

  53. Anna Alcazar

    God bless you that is the best present anybody could give their mother wishing you more and more and more good luck

  54. Bonnie Berry

    OMGosh! I havent seen this video before👍👍👍👍👍🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊.I havent seen anyone win that much on a handpay!

  55. Melba Wells

    Wonderful! Congratulations

  56. 安倍高和


  57. Yutstyle9887 Icehockey

    Thanks for the END warning almost got into the mind trapp

  58. Tavis G


  59. dontworryok1

    Theres a difference between cash input verses free play input . As I have noticed before , its a false profit . I wonder how much you lost producing that freeplay ? Sorry to burst your bubble .

  60. Stacy W

    Great hit, thank you for sharing.

  61. kissingrain

    I don’t understand, how are u winning a bonus 10$ every time? I don’t play often

    1. Netpilot

      @djargus Yeah, there are some casinos here in Vegas that are like that, too. I think the Caesars chain does it that way, if I’m not mistaken. You have to watch your balance and see if it starts going down when you bet to see when you’re no longer using your freeplay.

    2. djargus

      @Netpilot Interestingly New Jersey machines dont do this, you have to pick the amount of free play when you use it at that particular machine. You cant tell directly how much freeplay you used of what you put in unless you count the running total yourself since there is no counter in the credits of the slot machine that tells you what amount of freeplay you have left.

    3. kissingrain

      @Netpilot thanks for detailed informative reply!

    4. Netpilot

      She started with $730 in free play (casino comps she accumulated in prior play.) The machine doesn’t give her $730 free play in one shot. She must put $10 in the machine for the first spin, then the machine credits her back what she just spent, in this case $10, after each spin. The machine calls it a Bonus Win on the screen, but it’s decrementing $10 from her free play each time. All losses during play are simply lost and all wins go to her credit balance at the machine, which she cashed out after her free play was used up.

      Bottom line, she put $10 in the machine, played the $730 in free play as 73 spins at $10 per spin, and cashed out $540 total winnings at the end. Subtracting the $10 she put in to start, her profit was $530.

  62. Stanley

    played Hotter than Blazes, it such a tough machine to get a hand pay

  63. Liz Wynaco

    Please wait for attendant…Ill bet you did!!!!

  64. michael tipton

    I would call that a jackpot of a lifetime.

  65. T-Town Gambler

    Nice amazing win

  66. Kovic

    No emotion? Nothing? Fake or play money

  67. GhostChilli

    Im confused…. Why do you keep getting your stake back? 🤔🤔
    (Ive not finished watching yet)

    1. Netpilot

      See detailed reply to the comment pinned at the top.

    2. ACSmoredeath

      GhostChilli free play

  68. Rene Lopez

    Epic win

  69. opal stivers

    Why dont the credits go down after each bet or spin? This is bullshit. Waste of time

  70. Dane Earnheart

    Anyone else notice its said 1337 cash or LEET!

  71. Roberto Soto

    Congrats!!! Whoever you are you did the rigth thing to give that money to your mother instead of blowing it all away i also gave my mother my pension fund for working over 46 years of 50,000 plus back pay of 17,597 dlls when i turned 62 yrs old i cant thank her enough for being a father & a mother for( us) her children knowing how good & generous human being she is i knew she would help people in need im so proud of my mom she is 91 yrs old. Love you mother soooo much !!!!!

  72. Ceramic Pro On Upper James St

    Amazing congrats!! 😊😊

  73. Slot Machine Queen

    CONGRATULATIONS 🎉🍾 on that wonderful handpay!!!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  74. Cylurian

    When you get this payoff, do they take you to another room to pay you off?

    1. Netpilot


    2. Cylurian

      @Netpilot Thank you so much for the reply.

    3. Netpilot

      @Cylurian Casinos are very accommodating. They want you to be safe so there’s never any bad publicity. There’s also an opportunity for the people to make a tip for helping you.

      If you request, they will pay you in cash at the machine, the cage, or in the high limit cage (a small room on the side of the main cage.) They will also give you all or part of it as a check, or put it on account at the casino for you, which you can withdraw later or on another day. You can also request to have security walk you wherever you want (you tip them, of course), even out to your car.

      I won $14K once at a machine and they asked me whether I wanted cash or check right there. I said cash because it was the most I had ever won and I wanted to hold 140 $100 bills just once. Then I asked to have security walk me to the high limit cage. Three big burly guys in black suits surrounded me across the casino (the same three guys that accompanied the slot attendant who paid me.) At the cage, I tipped the three guys $100 each, asked to have a $12.5K check written to me, and played on with the cash I had left. It’s a cool feeling, I assure you!

    4. Cylurian

      @Netpilot Yup. Another question would be if they pay cash, which I assume or can the casino give a cashiers check. I want to know if I ever win that big!

    5. Netpilot

      @Cylurian Serious question?

  75. Dorng 222539


  76. Dana Monaei

    Congratulations on your Awesome Win👏🎉👏

  77. Eric Apaka

    SUGOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lucky!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. King Hanma

    Wow what a win. Its beautiful that you give the winnings to your mom. God bless you!!!🙏🙏🙏

  79. Carol Barker

    That is so awesome! Congratulations!

  80. John Cadiz

    Beautiful!!! Ur Mom! 4 putting up with U?

  81. Phil Losophy

    hmmmm how come no voice?

  82. Charlotte Nasise

    Congratulations I bet you are so Happy! More Big Jackpots to come.

  83. Samantha Luangviseth

    Wow 🤩 Congratulations 🍾

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    WoW that would be nice. Congratulations.

  85. Eric Robbins

    Mr jackpot LV shows the same rhetorical videos. He clamors other people. You just show clips. Lol YouTube.


    Wow Congratulations.. 😊😊

  87. Jerrie Freeman


  88. Pancho Villa

    i woudl have been going crazy…you pretty calm and composed!

  89. EastCoastMartha


  90. JJ Smooth

    Nice now u have enough for 15 more sessions

  91. delonzo83

    Wow nice hit

  92. Florence Beasley


  93. Alexander Lee

    Congratulations for hitting the jackpot.

  94. Florence Beasley

    Hate machines that sound like magic lucky charms!

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  97. MoneyProv

    Wow! Great hit 👊🏿

  98. Joes Resale

    Love the honesty you have at the end of the video. And yes gambling can take a turn for the worse. With all that being said. Love your vids.

  99. Joppa z

    So some emotion lol

  100. Adam Morris

    Amazing, congratulations.

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