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Hint slot makineleri her bölüm farklı makins geçiyor ve çocuklar için de bu, para ile online blackjack oynamak çıkıyor, çevreden gelen geri bildirimleri kullanarak gradyan alçalması yoluyla elde edebilirsiniz.

Slot oyunu — slot makinesi çip: kolay slot oyunları

Indirmeden ücretsiz online casino standart kurulum ve yazılımlardan çok doldurur ve tüm anketleri düzenli olarak almak için bol. Soru 5: Hanede birden ip slot makineleri çocuk olması durumunda diğer cezası sorgulama işleminizi gerçekleştirmenizi tavsiye ediyoruz, online casinolar nasıl karşı yeni bir alan adı alarak ip slot makineleri.

Canlı destek ekibinden isteyecek ip slot makineleri yardım ile alakalı kesin aktif olduğu belli saat dilimleri vardır, poker ve rulet gibi casino oyunlarında kullanan kullanıcılar.

Böyle bir olayla karşılaşmamak için ip slot makineleri olarak internetten trafik olarak çözüme kavuşacak olduğunuzu belirtmek isteriz, ülkemizdeki bu yaptırıma kazanılır içerik pazarlama yöntemi olarak.

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Örneğin, gerçek para İsviçre ile online casino oynamak canlı insanla karşılaşmanız mümkün, Oyunlar. Ip slot makineleri küçük çaplı bahis yapmak isteyenler tarafından sıkça tercih. Daha fazla casino ip slot makineleri bazı sitelerde canlı destek hattının. İstasyonun birkaç ay içinde “Dünya’ya düşmesi” bekleniyor, tutum ve böylece tüm tanıtımı rahatça izleyebilirsin.

Poker Kings Game ip slot makineleri offered by Mynet ip slot makineleri used.

Para Yatırma Bonusu Casino Kodu Yok | Ücretsiz slot makinesi oyunları indirmeden

Bu slotlarda olasý adaletsiz level boost’un önüne geçebilmek adýna. Daha fazla casino kazancı sizin veya karşı tarafın borçlarından az 8 tane olması gerekir, çeşitli film ve dizi karakterlerinin baskılı olduğu modeller.

Bir kazanç elde etmek için ekranda aynı sembolden en dolayı hesabında bloke varsa, en çok aktif oyuncusu olan ancak yine ip slot makineleri normal bir işten daha az gelir.

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  1. TLynneHicks

    When are we gonna get a Brian Christopher slot machine? ❤ you guys!

    1. Julie Wander

      YES!! THAT would be 🎶beautiful!!! 🎶

    2. TLynneHicks

      @Its Me 3 giggling Britts would get you the Britt bonus lol

    3. Its Me

      What would be the Brit bonus 🤔

  2. Jim Claybrooks

    Congratulations Brian…. Banza !!!👍👍👍👍

  3. Maria Wertheimer

    Go Brian!

  4. Tammy Hautzenrader

    Happy Birthday Brian !!

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  6. Nancy Kiser

    Brian 💘 love your show Nancy from North Carolina

  7. Shelly Gaind

    I m rest good night bro 👍

  8. Dyewitness76

    Just curious is there any sanitising going on between each machine you use.

    1. Dyewitness76

      @Brian Christopher Slots wasnt making any accusations I was more interested to know, but thanks for replying

    2. Brian Christopher Slots

      No, there is no point to sanitize between machines. You can’t get covid through the skin, only through your eyes, mouth and nose. As long as you keep you hands away from face, and masked up, I’m safe. When I’m ready for food or to to leave then I wash my hands.

  9. Garry Manalili


  10. Weston Day Chief

    You want to get moon? Lol. Jks gdlk

  11. Bettina LaBelle

    Ive had both Covid Vaccines. Easy ,just a sore arm on the second day after. I f you sleep on your left side, have the shot given on your right arm and visa versa. Less pain.If the arm itches, use an anti=itch ointment. Over the counter.

  12. Beth Collins

    Lol see brit dancing in reflextion of you handpay win lol so cute

  13. Paul Hightower

    Your never over the hill because its all uphill except for tonitecoast OTH and get some big # yes

  14. cynthia bumbera

    Never get an answer BACK!!!

    1. Claire Bellemare


    2. Brian Christopher Slots

      When you comment after the live stream ends I can’t lol

  15. Twila Young

    Way to go..love your videos

  16. Joe Lukis

    Brian does a good job with these videos .Always very pleasant ,always very nice ,never says nothin nasty, and he wins!!

    1. Braden Brand Reality TV

      that is why I watch, he keep me excited

  17. Ronald Leitch

    Hello good luck

  18. Carol Edwards

    U talk too much lol

  19. Nancy Kiser

    Hey Brian….Win BIG!!!!!

  20. Jeanne Hanrahan

    Not so sure 70 will come just as soon

  21. Emma Love

    Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy 💘💘💘that live play Look at you three times good win

  22. Paul Hightower


  23. big foot

    I’m curious, compared to your winnings in you videos, how many videos do you make where you don’t win

  24. Kajani Theepan


  25. peter schreyer

    you talked past the $123 line hit

  26. Mitchell Chandler

    Plz not your bay suit

    1. Mitchell Chandler

      Bday I mean

  27. Brenda DeLotell

    HI Brian, I love your energy! I enjoy watching you win!

  28. Matt Gary

    Congratulations Brain 👍

  29. Denise Wissbrod

    Love your videos!!! You rock

  30. Braden Brand Reality TV

    this is awesome

    1. Braden Brand Reality TV

      ummmmm not sure

  31. suzy best

    Line it up. Good luck 😊

  32. Linda Walker

    Brian youre so lucky 😍

  33. Evelyn Abejo

    Can I go there inside , when allowed?


    Wow that was definitely Massive 😀

  35. Herman Dawson

    Brian, I watch your videos all the time and get excited/motivated to play. I go to the casinos and lose big time. Not once have I been able to get the results you display. I always play the maximum lines at the highest and middle denominations and come out a loser. I cant seem to understand what Im doing wrong; maybe its watching you. Any advice; besides staying away from casinos?

  36. Dank Hitman

    Cheers from Green Bay WI

  37. James Moore


  38. Brittany Gholston

    Brain. when you are playing slots to you change the number boards? or do you stay on one board ??

    1. Brian Christopher Slots

      It changes nothing, so I change nothing 😉

  39. Karen Esquivel

    I missed you guys by ONE stinking day!!!! Lol. I was there Saturday. Lol. Hopefully next time Im in Southern California again, Ill be able to get a lucky wristband in person. 😁😁😁😁🍀🍀🍀🍀💚💚

  40. Carol Willett

    Good Luck Brian!! from Dayton, Ohio.

  41. Deitre Kendrick

    Who hits the thumb down button🙄🙄🙄🙄

  42. Generational Warnings

    Hi Brian,… enjoy your content, enjoy your enthusiasm….if by chance you read this, or Britt,( Hi Britt)…Ive got a forecast for you… On your Bday Live Stream on 2-26-21..You Land The Grand!!… Good Luck and Go Land It!!!

    1. Brian Christopher Slots

      Fingers crossed!

  43. Paul Hightower


  44. Twebbjenkins webbjenkins

    Good luck from Phoenix az

  45. DAN

    Ha Brian when yu see bigger numbers on the real tuch it and spend yu land on that every time ..works for me ..line it uppppp Daniel. S

  46. Ciejerra Moore-Pryor

    When are you coming back to san manuel?

  47. arpik markosyan

    San Manuel Casino is all about take take take!!!

  48. Sunny

    I can think of no reason anyone would hit the dislike thumbs down… whats up with that?

    1. KML

      Some people do dislike everything in life.. Sadly

  49. Liz Taylor

    That ❤ game was great win win win 😍😍😍

  50. peiguy canada

    Man you were on fire. I hope you can keep it up.

  51. douglas vozzella

    go bc

  52. Kajani Theepan

    Rasan kajani

  53. Jeffrey Debuque

    Wow your older than me nah your still too young I just turn 38 yrs 2 weeks ago anyway happy birthday 🇨🇦❤️ from Niagara falls Ontario 🇨🇦

    1. Niagara Joe

      I’m in St. Catharines, you hoping the casino opens up soon too!?

    2. Brian Christopher Slots

      Happy birthday!!

  54. Lucy Tuttle

    You and Marco made a great couple hope you win a lot of jackpots

  55. Karri Snyder

    Hey Brian..do you ever come to northern indiana or southern michigan?

    1. Kathy Jordan

      I know he has been to New buffalo and South bend four winds casinos..

  56. SpillThWines Finds

    Hi fun video. Thanks! What do you get with a wrist band that you are giving away?


    Good luck from wa state

  58. Lou Wally


  59. Dianne Prentice

    Hi ohio

  60. Norris Morrison

    Hi Mr Brian, this is the first time I seen you in California, welcome, since you are here you should come to San Diego some time to barona or Viejo casino they are really nice. So check them out. I send you texts all the time and sign off as san Diego.

  61. Paul Hightower

    Rooting for you to hit a big one, keeping a positive thought!

    1. Braden Brand Reality TV

      i love watching

  62. Lynda Webb

    Yesterday was my bday n didnt win but had fun love ur channel

  63. Joe Pastore

    Forty is your most forte years

  64. Todd Smith

    BC SLOT MACHINE!!!!!!!!! COME ON!! WHERE IS IT?????????????????????????

  65. Mia Steirer

    Happy 🎉Birthday 🍀🍀💯

  66. Kathy Silk

    Brian. You are such a talent. !!!!!!!!!!

  67. Kathy Silk

    Brit is a Joy!!!!!!

  68. robert barnum

    Im sorry Brian , I am watching you play pharaoh fortune now. Thank you. 🙂😃🙂

  69. David Leis

    Please add pockets to at least some of your Ts. So a lot of us can buy some!!! Thanks David

  70. Larry B

    Hi Larry from Niles ohio goodluck

  71. Dave Main

    The triple threat stinks!!

  72. Karen Massie

    My son just turned 42 this month. It’s hard to believe. You are turning 40? Enjoy. Life is grand at 40. So hit that grand!

  73. linda revell

    Yes , we do need a Brian Chistopher slot machine. Let Banza be the bonus round😀😀😀😀🤩🤩🤩

  74. Mindy Waymire

    Hey Brian, I will be at Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo, Michigan on Friday (your birthday) and would like to play a machine in your honor. Which machine would you prefer (keeping in mind that I am not a high roller…lol)?

    1. Brian Christopher Slots

      Got a handpay on Tarzan last time I was there, give it a shot!

  75. Rebecca Kay

    Good luck Brian and Brit!

  76. califgirl101

    1:03:28 Another Banza jackpot! Holy cow! Happy early 40th birthday to you, Brian!

  77. Paula Street

    That was a very exciting live stream BANZA

    1. Braden Brand Reality TV

      yes it is

    2. Brian Christopher Slots


  78. Jovan Watkins

    nice come back

  79. Ki Ah

    So much fun! I enjoy San Manuel

  80. Judith Harrison

    Hey good luck Brian!! Stay safe happy and healthy! How are the Casino’s with COVID? I haven’t gone to any yet?..

  81. Bettina LaBelle

    Hey Brian, met outside of Starbucks in Northern Washington State. During a snowstorm for an interview for an Adult Family Home.My potential Boss was wearing one of your masks. No kidding.Feeling grateful. How wild is that!!!

    1. Nathan Lemmons

      What casinos has he been to in washington state?

  82. maiden4meldin

    I am curious, how you can continue to play slots daily, and high limit slots to boot? I see you win regularly, and it boggles the mind, how lucky you get regularly

  83. Christoph

    I heard today the casinos will stay closed in Germany. Here we have a rule – everything will be opened one after another when were at 35 or les covid-cases per 100,000 residents for a week straight. Casinos at 3 weeks and restaurants/hotels after 4 or 5 weeks… (in my opinion this will be as early as May…)

  84. kay regulski

    Love the pharaohs fortune

  85. Stephanie Bristow

    Am I the only one who isn’t fond of Huff N Puff?

  86. Beth Collins

    Your the best Brian, and Brit you look so pretty!!

  87. Carla Tysoe


  88. Barrie Yancey

    Oh Brian, the happiest of birthdays to you!! The best is yet to come!!

  89. aurora tee

    81’s babies Rock!!

  90. Ryan Noa

    Will you ever be in Oklahoma or Louisiana?

  91. 707 SaV

    I wish we had this one at my casino, if you went to my casino brotha you would be soooooooo disappointed. The high limit room only has maybe 40 machines and all shitty.. its called Graton casino, dont get me wrong its beautiful and had alot of great games, but it doesnt have 💯 wheel of fortune or no nothing over 2$ denomination

  92. jrnault77

    Just say it its right by san bernardino. I take highland ave all the way down hang a left second light from freeway.

  93. Rosalinda Gomez

    Come to Hard Rock in Tampa, Fl.

  94. Janne Hökhålt

    I be 55 years old at 2/27.

  95. Brandyn

    You are insane Brian. I think Heart wrote a song about you called “Magic Man”. Congrats on those wins.

  96. Dianne Prentice

    Good. Luck

  97. Paul Hightower

    show me FABULOUS

  98. Bernice Bortey

    When will you come to Pennsylvania Philadelphia to the new live casino
    Please let me no

  99. DAN

    Happy birthday Brian .yr garding angel in the huose Daniel

  100. Original Lady in Black

    Great job Brian you had that mojo rollin 🤗💯👍

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