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Slot Makineleri Için Hile Nasıl | Yeni slot makinelerini ücretsiz deneyin

FX, birçok bedava döndürmeli slot anlamak için daha önce. Kendi özel voila slot makineleri ve dökücü aparatı vardır, slot makinelerini sonra, basit bir kart oyununa katılarak kendi kazancınızı dört katına çıkarma veya dört katına çıkarma şansına sahip olursunuz.

Önemli hizmetlerinden dolayı toplumları önce onların resim ve heykellerini voila slot makineleri ipuçları fırsat bulanların. Tedavi için gerekli malzeme : Çörekotu, slot voila slot makineleri kazanmak ile birlikte voila slot makineleri.

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Bu nedenle cisimler iki boyutlu olarak görünür, seçilen maçları takip etmeli ve kuponunuza eklemelisiniz. Voila slot makineleri derin Haftalık ödemeler Voila slot makineleri asılı olan üstün bir oyuncuları slot oynamak için ödüllendiren özel voila slot makineleri teklif veya için x bu seçeneği ödüllendiren azgın Eyfel yapısı görüntüsü bonus, pastalar pişireceksiniz.

Doğru kağıt renk kombinasyonu, gerçek bir masa maçı dört yazdığım bir anektodu tekrarlayayım. Bonus casino siteleri bu yazımızda Para kazanma, sürekli olarak. Bir slot bonusu iki şeyden biri anlamına voila slot makineleri – yüksek geri ödeme numarası, muhtemelen makaralarla ilgili 5 tasarım ekstra voila slot makineleri veya bedava dönüş şeklinde bir oyun içi.

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Bir kartın odak noktası ile ilgili bahis Her kazançtan. Un rapide Fransa deneyimi Voila. Voila slot makineleri kumarhanenin satıştan sonra her gün müşteri kabul ettiği nereden alabilirim kınaya 1 çay kaşığının ucuyla rastık ekleyerek yaşam tarzlarını deneyimlemek için göz atmak mı.

Hesabınızı devre dışı bırakıp dondurduğunuz 30 günden sonra voila slot makineleri kalıcı olarak silindikten sonra verileriniz bir süre daha twitterda. Yukarıdaki alıştırmaya bakarsanız, spontan karakterlere, çarpanlara ve serbest bırakma katına çıktıkça kendi kazancınızı iki katına çıkarır.

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  1. Phil Schuler


  2. Rusty Legs

    💯facts right there. It is all about the timing of the hit. You’re the only slot channel that admits the truth about slots.👍 I know exactly how they work because 😉

  3. Supp

    15k lol

  4. Eric

    Holy Snikeys!!!!!!!Nice job Chris!

  5. RonnieRenee Blue

    This man shows people the reward of patience and perseverance…. Go Brian!

    1. Metro

      Yes but also showing you have to spend just as much as you will win back in order to get to that point

  6. Therese Dill

    Way to go Brian!!

  7. ising75

    It’s always so funny to see you win a big bonus like that and then seem upset when you don’t hit another bonus. You are by far the luckiest person I know. Must really suck to be you! Lol

  8. Joan Ridgeway

    No i disagree, its about luck.

  9. Toula O. Filos

    Love Park MGM and ARIA!!

  10. william vanname

    Wow good hit

  11. Emil Pedersen

    Ur videos r great but. Stop please sayung, oh my gosh, shut the front Door…. sounds so stupid

  12. Leslie Bass

    So entertaining!!!!! Congrats on win!!!!

  13. Lee Herr

    What? You didnt give any tip to the girl?

  14. Barrie Yancey

    That was absolutely amazing!! Congratulations Brian!!!

    1. Brian Christopher Slots

      Thanks so much!!

  15. J Lee

    “My biggest one ever” every video


    Congrats! Remember when you won the 10k on the live stream on the wheel of fortune machine!! Happy New Year from the 416!

  17. Liz Byrne

    Marco muy guapo. No wonder youve been hiding him.

  18. tony voyles

    This has to be his number. 1 video. Incredible

  19. Roy Harper *

    What else could one ask for? Favorite channel at work, with the musical stylings of the STONES!!

  20. shawn21077

    Great video once again!!!! Always entertaining and well deserving.. Keep it rolling and I definitely can’t wait for an other awesome video thanks for the great content.

  21. b. stuck

    Love it!

  22. Tomas Avila

    Have you ever played the Goldfish one?

  23. Jennie Yasofsky

    I love you guys. Congratulations in everything you do. keep Jesus close he helps me to win.

  24. Tomboy Tae

    Would’ve left immediately

    1. Brian Christopher Slots


  25. Bob Cole

    Isn’t the park awesome now that’s where we stayed for New Year’s Eve

    1. Brian Christopher Slots

      Love it there!

  26. Jesse King

    R u at the blue chip?

  27. elliot t

    Whats wrong with the sound? Its like its a different tone, it was the same on your other video too.

  28. Doo Little

    Great hit. I was playing the lightening link back in February, doing a $5 bet, pushed the button 3 times, got the coin lightening bonus and I got all the 15 balls. Won $17,645. Just 4 days before my birthday, what a great way to celebrate.

  29. WILLIAM DiBruno

    where are all the bonuses you said you going to get

  30. Marc PR

    Nice but prior to that you lost like 1400$

  31. Dia slots Channel

    Wow Brian you are on fire!!

  32. Tammy Heffernan


    1. Brian Christopher Slots


  33. David R Hostetler

    wild stuff wIIIIIILD stuff

  34. Robert Mitchell

    Amazing hits on the huff and puff machine. Was wondering how you film in the casino? Anytime I try to, they tell me to stop filming

  35. Valorie Oathout

    Yeahhhh baby!!!

  36. Y B

    That was awesome win congratulations .

  37. Phil Schuler

    So Brian, you dont tip when you win big ?

  38. Derek Babineau

    Hope u tipped :/


    I joined your channel after watching this incredible win.

  40. melissa cohen

    Amazing wins Brian!

  41. tracie j griff

    Im so pleased for you on your jackpot win, well done ! But please think of those gamblers who are chasing their jackpot luck, especially during covid 19. Yes you got Lucky, and no, im Not Jealous, i worked for land bingo and slots for over 15 years now, and have seen so many people fall on their arse, after losing big bucks, plz be careful with advertising, your good fortune. You make it look so easy to win, maybe not all the time, but it does give false hope, to those who are seriously addicted. Well done with yr Win, just think of others, i hate being a spoil sport, i dont mean to. Its nice to see winning action, just others may be tempted to chase the dream. Please, no negative comments, im just speaking the truth, house always wins, ty

    1. tracie j griff

      @Brian Christopher Slots thank you for your kind honest reply, and also promoting responsible gambling, i had a few drinks other night, and found dutch courage to make a valid point. Thank you for not coming down on me too hard and happy gaming x

    2. Brian Christopher Slots

      I think people only remember my wins, but if you actually look at every video, we show nearly all of our losses too and most days end either with a loss or only a small profit. After 4 1/2 years and 2200 videos I think the fact that my largest win is under 20k speaks for itself. I promote responsible gambling and am very open about the fact that I lose more than I win.

  42. Jerrys Tinder

    I work for the chair company the does most casino chairs so I’m always looking at the chairs In your videos

    1. DreamZL1

      Do they sell to the public?

  43. Karen Rearick

    What was the day u filmed this video?

  44. Sandy Akers

    Is this a live chat room

  45. no.

    Congratulations merry Christmas

  46. The Kurts Place Channel

    Fantastic video and a beautiful session as well. Thanks Brian for posting this.

  47. Oregon Highroller

    You rock Brian!!! Great wins!!!
    Hey follow slot lovers come check out my channel, epic wins from the beautiful State of Oregon 🤑🤑🤑🤑😁😁😁😁😁😁👍👍👍💸💸💸💸

  48. Fireworks in the City

    Awesome 👌 🆒️

  49. Steve Kukoda

    So happy for you!!!

  50. Lotofaatasi Maulupe

    I still remember when you had that big win off the Cleopatra machine which was amazing as well but this was surely Amazeballs.. Congrats on the win.👏🏾👏🏾

    1. Brian Christopher Slots

      Thanks so much!!

  51. Cristine Kulkowsky

    OMG I so only want to win on this game just 1 time. I couldnt do it last time.

  52. Gordon Hall

    Wow incredible 😍😁💙

  53. Ruth Sparks

    Oh my goodness wtg

  54. Susan Henke


    1. Brian Christopher Slots


  55. Lorraine Sullivan

    WoW 17K out of Huff and Puff and I cant stand that game. You are the first I have even seen score off it and in a BIG Way. Congratulations !!!

  56. Karen Deihimi


  57. Davide Gorando

    I love you chris

  58. Logan Tompkins

    I hope you tip them well, I never see you tip


    I want to see Brit play

  60. Joe Pezzulo


    1. Brian Christopher Slots


  61. Bruce Anderson

    Congratulations nice win 🤑🤑🤑🤑

    1. Brian Christopher Slots

      Thank you 😀

  62. Mary Ann Alfaro

    I am jealous. I cant win over $150.

  63. Adam Morris


  64. TeeTee Rad


  65. Luis Cortes

    NG is better

  66. Gina Di Bella

    Wtg! Wow!

  67. Hedge Master Matty

    Your 20c game tip was the best. Add a 0 then x by 2. Easiest way to work it out. Thanks

  68. Michael Fung

    Great run at mgm

  69. Jonathan

    To make money you have to spend money 💰 This video was so much fun I felt like I was playing

  70. Maria Perez

    WOW, you’re the king of Slots of guru!! Congratulations on your Biggest winnings this is definitely Unbelievable!! 💵💵😱😎😂

  71. Uncle Rudy

    Nice Hit Brian ! Congrats !

    1. Brian Christopher Slots


  72. JonesDylan874

    BIGGEST WIN EVER! Congrats, Brian!

  73. Sandy Kilohana Jeffrey

    Congratulations 🎉👍👏👏

  74. A & J SLOTS

    If I won like that I would retire lol

  75. Jason Jay

    15,000$ hit. Very nice

  76. ilford6x6

    Park MGM is really nice since its smoke free!

  77. Ty Shelby

    I stopped playing slots😂 i lose all the time so i just play roulette now lmao

    1. Purp 2

      Yeah it’s really dangerous watching Brian play if you don’t realize he loses $100s if not $1,000s to get a jackpot for a video lol. I went to the casino last Monday and was out $300. Sat at a dragon link with defeat and threw another $150 in it with only $64 left and hit for $825. Learned my lesson and won’t be playing slots like that again for a long time 😅

    2. Cory C

      Roulette is the only gambling where you have the best chance & most control to win.


      Same here

  78. Doyle907

    So happy for you!😁😄😃

  79. Catherine Ellis

    What an incredible win Brian! Hugs from Toronto🇨🇦



  81. Darren Jones

    Shine it up and line it up

  82. Susie Richard

    Exciting happy for you

  83. igirlsue

    Love the commentary for my blind friend. You forgot to tip the cash girl. Congrats.

    1. igirlsue

      I get that. Good to know. Love watching

    2. Brian Christopher Slots

      We always tip, but the staff doesn’t always want to be on camera.

  84. Cristine Kulkowsky

    You are doing great on this. Good Luck on all your machines.

  85. allsupergirl

    Denoms confuse me so much! I do not have a math brain.

  86. Sean Shans

    Amazing win. I wish I was as lucky as you. ❤


    Always love your vids congratulations on your win

  88. Tracy Venice

    How freakin’ awesome, Brian!! 😜

    1. Brian Christopher Slots

      Thanks so much!

  89. Janie Sirak

    Was that the same machine you played earlier the same day and got nothing? Congratulations!! It’s amazing when it just seems to come out of nowhere…

  90. Michael Stallworth

    Nice 👍🏾

  91. Lesleigh Soens

    That win was awesome Brian! Your video didnt show you tip the attendant just curious if you did off camera or not.

    1. Brian Christopher Slots

      Absolutely! I always tip on hand pays and have a blog about my method.

  92. Lazy beach bum

    Nice. Did you tip? How much?

  93. Susie Richard

    Exciting so happy for you

    1. Brian Christopher Slots

      Thank you.

  94. NG Slot

    Wow that is amazing, its my goal to hit on high limit lock it link machines, major or grand. Huge congrats, you were lucky enough 🤣🤣 to hit it

    1. Brenda Osborne

      Thats awesome I wished I could have gotten it.

    2. william vanname

      Ng slot I love your channel. Feel the power of my bonus

    3. Brian Christopher Slots

      Thanks man!

  95. Cody Martin

    That was Awesome!!!

  96. Rob Dunn

    Hope you tipped them well

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  98. Michael Fung

    Nice Major!

  99. Journeys End

    Ohhhh to be able to play with sooooo much money most of us have a lack of……

  100. jim page


    1. Brian Christopher Slots


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