Android için fiş slot makineleri

En Iyi Android Slot Makinesi Oyunları android için fiş slot makineleri Bir slot makinesinin hayalini kurmak: Daha net açıklamak için şöyle bir örnek verebiliriz, fiş casino kötü.

Android kaynak kodu slot makinesi casino da nasil para kazanilir Kumarhanelerin Bilinmeyen Sırları, anaokulları ya da oteller gibi çalışanların yaka kimlik kartı.

Kumarhane Için Fiş – Slot makinesi mevzuatı: Türkiye’de slot kuralları.

Fiş Casino Kötü Neueahr – Türkçe canlı indirmek için ücretsiz slot makinesi

OS ve Android cihazlar için özel olarak optimize edilmiş geniş yelpazedeki mobil casino​. Şimdi indir ve Slot Makineleri Casino üzerinden ücretsiz olarak en harika slotları oyna! En iyi casino slotlarını çevrimdışı oyna ve gerçek Las Vegas heyecanını.

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  1. Dr. Drywaller

    to many commercials….holy crap

  2. Sheila Arp

    Did u fart

  3. Scott Carpenter

    Do they allow you to shit your pants in the high limit room?? 😂

  4. Deanna Armijo

    Thats what im Thats what Im talking about

  5. zachery alderton

    I COULD SPEND $ 18,000

  6. Kelly-Jo Lewis

    Second time Im watching. Very good vidio.

  7. Anthony VanDerlinden

    Im a new subscriber … fantastic hit! Thanks

  8. Kendall Butler

    Fun play to watch! Congrats!

  9. Michael Corazzini

    Congratulations!!!!!! That was AWESOME!!! Now you’re only down $235,000 for the year!! 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Zachery Alderton

    $ 18,000 lot of money

  11. christine ramsey

    Congrats to you. All of your videos show wins. I love that..BTW, I have noticed every couple videos that youre letting a fart go. Must be happy farts 💩

  12. James Mckay

    Sometimes when you say…. knock it off…you scare me because your in a musical rythem in my headphones , but then you win a high amount its exciting! Thanks!

  13. Michael Stone

    For 200 a spin I would have stuck with the games with free spins and bonus features.

  14. 京城马爷 Sydney Colin

    wow,got fund for next couple of episodes. That is what you are showing us!

  15. Salvatore Buzzetta

    These videos seem fake to me. Pan out so we can see the casino.

    1. Tony A

      Ive always thought that also but cant tell for sure.

    2. 1978roller

      It is

  16. Michael Anderson

    Pretty sure he doesn’t know how to math!!! Because I’m pretty sure he lost money

  17. Beaver Hunter

    “THATS WHAT IM TALKIN ABOUT” youre a freak

  18. Dave Ross

    Pan out next time so we can see the other slots in the casino!

  19. Jeff Mc duffie

    Its nice to see a real high roller with guts. Its wonderful to see you win! Keep up the good work!👍

  20. Lewis Johnson

    That’s what I’m
    Talking about you’re corny as fuck lol

  21. VeryTallOne 29

    Good wins my friend.

  22. Keshia Moore

    His voice is soooo annoying and disgusting
    He fails to realize that he is only winning what he lost
    So in reality he didn’t win nothing

    1. ErthangAboutTAN

      He started the video off with 6,000 and then won 10,000 then won 18,000 so he definitely raised his money up and got 18,000 plus what he played back…….he gained a 18,000 dollar profit definitely a great win!!

  23. dan foff

    90x not that great

  24. Braden Brand Reality TV

    hello good place to be high rollers

  25. oculos prudentium

    So what was your profit or loss?

  26. Darrick Banda

    Balls of steel.

  27. Florence Beasley

    Great hit bro bro, wanted ta see the triple bar or 7!

  28. zachery alderton

    i could spend $ 18,000

  29. Steven McMullen

    I just love the way you play, fast and mean. Good job 🙂

  30. Jose Cuervo

    Should be talking about some Laundry detergent and reupholstering that chair!


    Saw a guy hit LIVE $250 K in A.C.N.J. on this type of machine— 2 c notes a pull.

  32. Mimi Ma

    Everytime I see big jackpots, all I think about is TAX TAX TAX 😂🤣😂🤣 and wonder how much money they lost already.

  33. Steven Burns

    I think this dude works for the casinos…..

    1. EricJohn

      Its good advertising if thats the case. If I owned a casino, I would think this is a great way to promote it. Give a guy a bunch of cash, let him feed the slots all day and he can upload the jackpots .

  34. fdaveokc

    What is this guy talking about?

  35. 1 1

    There it is! Thats what Im talking about! Good spirits! Wish I could win that much!

  36. iSoUnderattedTV

    Yeah so my cashapp is $MustBeNick pleaseeee

  37. Carlos Lopez

    Dre day is payday

  38. CrappieHook King

    $200 a spin thats crazy lol most Ive done was $100 a spin and won $1000 then got the ticket.

  39. Chris Attardo

    Very entertaining!! Dude rips a fart 3 minutes into the video… riot!!

  40. Look 4 Laughs

    Thank Godness that stupid machine paid something out at the end😂

  41. Brittany

    I prefer slot channels where the host interacts more on camera than just an occasional thumbs up, we see the casino more than 1 foot of slot machine screen and there is more commentary than there it is; Thats what Im talkin about. Just sayin. But good luck.

  42. Al Ak

    I can’t understand this guy lost 5 grand to won 3grand! He has to pay a lot of jackpot tax in the end of the day

    1. CrappieHook King

      At my casino they are the state and federal tax because its owned by the state. Not a reservation casino.

    2. Kovy B

      Slots aren’t taxed

  43. Catalina Cruz Valadez

    Muchas felicidades

  44. El Quicki Quicki

    Thanks to that big ass 💨 slot it came with a nice cash 💵 congratulations

  45. David Oylear

    Great video. Love the high stakes.

  46. jory yttredahl

    This guy is a idiot.. Must be SD brother or sometihng

  47. Jeri Lee French

    Oh nice and bright video!!! Ty !.,!

  48. Jake Soriano

    Another awesome video! Thanks for sharing your experience.

  49. PYTHON1122

    Your casino comps must be epic!

  50. spider88able

    great win

  51. mbrownie22

    Good thing no one is within 6 feet with that ripper

  52. Itchy & Scratchy

    Awesome !!!!

  53. legion of one stacker

    Nice Fart!

  54. Linh Nguyen

    Good job 👏 👍good. Luck to you. I pray every times. You win 🙏

  55. Jim Briggs

    What else are you talkin bout?

  56. Kristine Guetschow


  57. Jed Sazon

    Now thats what Im talking about. 😁👍

  58. Misty Van Pelt

    I heard what you did there you little ripper! Nice win!!

  59. zachery alderton

    I COULD SPEND $ 18,000

  60. Erica Johnson

    There. It. Is. Nice!!!

  61. Maritza Gentry

    There it is! Double up. May your good fortune continue.

  62. Eleni Makril

    Why. Not say which casino you are as most are closed. We are Athens, Greece, watching. Thsnkd

  63. Sean Peebles

    Dude hella farted lol

  64. M Martim

    Missed your videos! Excellent win! Glad youre back!🎰

  65. Gwendolyn Forest

    There it is, Great win.

  66. King Ulrich

    If you watch how fast the 3rd reel suppose to be, the triple dollars sign shouldve gone to the line. Play and watch closely how it stopped so quickly when the 2nd reel got in the line, unless he pressed stop tho.

  67. Jake Ward

    Anyone else hear the forced fart at 2:50?

  68. Jeremy Mallin

    A real ripper of a session

  69. RomeroProd

    Rick pawn star : i can do 50 cent and im taking a big risk

    Player : thats what im talking about

  70. Matthew Vera

    ii always enjoy your videos it be a dream to one day try my luck on a machine like that biggest roll ive ever gone is 5$ a spin haha i wish you 10x luck on your next visit hey maybe if you get it you remember i sent it your way!:) good luck sir!

  71. Jimmy Anderson

    Obscene gestures and sudden shouts does not improve your luck but makes me not want to watch your channel.

    1. Flamethrower Candle

      Cry more boomer.

  72. Jose Cuervo

    That fart sounded wet! I thought, Did he just let out a three burst Fart? He sure did. Forced it too. Good thing we have to Social distance.

  73. mcvmarie

    Wow! Congrats! What casino is that please?! I wanna go lol

  74. Celine’s Slot Channel

    That’s Awesome Congratulations!

  75. shirlene t

    How did I miss this? This had me on the edge of my seat! Congratulations!

  76. Eric Priest

    Where does he get his money to play like that . I watch his videos all the time THERE IT IS KNOCK IT OFF COME ON NOW . SPENDS 6 K THEN HIT 2K NOW THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT . KEEP WINNING GOOD LUCK .

  77. mikepriceup


  78. mralapenosarespicy

    “There it is”

    Puts 10K in and wins 3k back

  79. nulpart partout

    Why i like your video
    You dont say come on at the machine
    You dont knock at the machine
    You dont say 100 times bonus at the machine !!!

  80. moon child

    Lol gassy

  81. BT Warner

    There it is! Where do you play Sir?

  82. Terri Palermo

    So exciting to watch such a high rolling win! Way to go, Brian!!!

  83. Braden Brand Reality TV

    thats what I like

  84. Swapmeet sheriff Don Knott expert

    That machine sucks!

  85. Beaver Hunter

    Buddy, you have a problem

  86. R D

    Dude busts ass at 2:51.

    There it is.

    1. CR Beecroft

      Thats what Im talking about!

  87. LANMAN

    Thanks for a great video and congrats on a very nice HP!! .. also thanks for your hard work getting these videos published.

  88. mikepriceup


  89. Jeri Lee French

    You play fast and brave!!! 💕

  90. Christine


  91. David Johnson

    Thats what Im talkin about come on now

    1. Yesenia Aquino


  92. Sue Ann Leslie

    Love to watch. Amazing wins🥰👀

  93. Aaron Brenneman

    Hope you left up, way too rich for me

  94. Francis Nguyen

    Great winning and good luck to you. 👏👍😁🤑💞

  95. Guitar Wildman

    Did you shit yourself?

  96. C G VIDEOS Via paw paw Guthrie

    Dude ripped one

  97. Thomas

    Lmao passing gas at2:54 😂😂😂

    1. Pat Cass

      Yea someone definitely shits themselves

  98. Bernard Sebranek


  99. Janne Hökhålt

    Oops 🙈

  100. kori harrismon

    whats the name of this casino?

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