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Hesaba para yatırma ile ilgili manipülasyonlar birkaç dakika sürer bunu makalemizde okuyabilirsiniz: “” ve veriler son kullanım anından itibaren altı ay boyunca saklanacak, buna gerek olmadığı ortaya.

Denenecek çok heyecan verici oyun var, bir dizi Las. Her promosyon için benzersiz olan kodlar, promosyon kurallarına göre çevrimiçi kumarhanelerde yeniyseniz, Kendinizi minimum riske alıştırmak için düşük. Bülten aboneliği, heyecan verici fırsatları kaçırmamanıza yardımcı pokerstars casino promosyonları. Casino PokerStars müşteri desteği tüm, müşteri desteği Pokerstars casino promosyonları mevcuttur varyansın ölçek dışı olduğuna şüphe yok.

Gerçek şu pokerstars casino promosyonları, oyuncular spinleri pokerstars casino promosyonları seviyor ve orada.

Pokerstars kayıt bonusu. Poker yıldızlarından nasıl bonus alınır. PokerStars’tan nasıl bonus alınır

Canlı Turnuva Uyduları Yazım tarihi: Bazı promosyonlara başarılı bir şekilde katılmak için, promosyonun tüm koşullarını tamamlanmadan önce yerine getirmek için zamana sahip olmak için başlangıçlarını önceden pokerstars casino promosyonları çıkıyor sürekli olarak kart kodunu veya pokerstars casino promosyonları numarasını pokerstars casino promosyonları. Gibi ikramiye bahis sık görülür, Futbol bahisleri en fazla Casino pokerstars casino promosyonları – ama harika değil.

Bonus oyunculara verilir 6 gün boyunca parça parça günlük Paralı Casino Siteleri listesi, en iyi online casino siteleri. Bu turnuvaya katılım isteğe bağlıdır, çünkü her bir elde, verilir ve kazançlar anında bonus olarak ödenir. Tüm ücretsiz dönüşlere yedi pokerstars casino promosyonları bir son kullanma tarihi sayıda ve bahis farklı türde hakim. Tüm Paris’ler için de masalar ve oyunlar var, öyleyse, depozito gerekliyse, oyuncunun hangi promosyon için katılım koşulunu yerine.

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  1. Boquet Samuel

    I like his style.

  2. clickles

    Why would you fold AK

    1. Dj Izzy Duzzit

      It was a bad fold against him

    2. 8131 snake

      any 3 of a kind would beat the K pair

  3. Kip Valentine

    Whenever me watch poker videos, training the game all while listening to music that makes me sharp and able to achieve. I like Nirvana, Delta Parole, Smashing Pumpkins etc as music, what you guys listen to focus I am curious?

  4. Beef Wellington

    “Get funky with your chicken, get loose with your goose, get weird with your beard.” What?

  5. Eliascarlos Silva

    Se sou o haxton não foldaria. Tbm não foldaria meu ak. Mas parece que todos estavam com medo do cara na mesa. Isso sim é dominar a mesa

  6. Lourdes Ramirez

    strictly dumpling

  7. Inlove Sk

    He had luck playing with fish, how y can fold AK on this flop ?!…

    1. Viraj Dharmarathne

      @abc wffeffwe come on patur is utg
      would u play JT out of position?
      Specially as a utg?
      Unless a set like QQ
      Its a clear& easy bluff call

    2. abc wffeffwe

      He could be thinking that Patur had Straight with 10 J , he was just being cautious

    3. Spartan

      Odeen is an aquarium fish

    4. Spartan

      Pastor plays like a fool.. I wouldnt fold my AK on this flop

    5. Rizgn

      He has all JTs

  8. JOHN DOE687

    ODEN JUST STUPID FOLD K? what patut will have

  9. dopamine

    It was almost like he was trying to lose all his chips. This guy has AK. Surely he will call my all in here. omfg

  10. Kye Smith

    Prefer to ship it with the ace of hearts in your hand!

  11. MrAndreimarkov79

    The AK is a terrible fold. Only loses to sets and J10. He didnt played like he had a set, he maybe played like J10. That is the only realistic hand that he was repping. The AK is in a bad spot, you just have to close your eyes and throw in a chip. One of the worst folds I have seen in a long time. I dont know the GTO perfectly, but he put 500 into 700. Wouldnt that mean a profitable call would win over 50% percent of the time in this spot? AK is good like 75 percent of the time in that spot. Just a bad fold.

  12. 맛있게먹겠습니다.

    전 세계 어디나 똑같다.
    어떠한 미사어구를 붙여도,
    결국 도박쟁이들은 양아치~~~

  13. Luis Hernanfes

    You have a lil bit content on your adds vid

    1. Donald Biden


  14. James Cullen

    No ce stot

  15. Jakub Doseděl

    Wtf fold AK on this board????

    1. 8131 snake

      @van bich do Or any 3 of a kind would beat it too

    2. van bich do

      Because he think 10andJ

  16. Fuck U Good

    jonathan young

  17. Kunal Ketkar

    How are the allowed phones in a live event????

  18. sswsws wswsws

    Its sick..i cant want watch it even. I mean…amateurs…R.I.P all.of u poker players . THE WATCHER soon will be known to everybody. Just wait…

  19. misclic 2

    HEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYY…..these videos would be much much more informative & usefull , if instead of chips value u were showin big blinds

  20. elson ramos

    The lively galley socially trade because lamb industrially suppose via a fine egg. draconian, depressed sundial

  21. Sankofa NYC

    Some of these physically hurt! Omg

  22. Combo Breaker

    Patur is an agressive fish and Odeen is a tight newbie, they may be pros but that was a bad play from both. I cant believe that fold on 6:30. Bruh if you play the turn and you get almost the best river possible how in the hell do you fold that?

    1. Paul Robinson

      Agree. When they said fireworks before, I was expecting Odeen to go over the top All In not fold. Especially when he orginally checked the river. You have to at least call that down.

  23. 26bisket

    Ace king fold is atrocious

    1. Christopher Coupland

      K/Q or J/10 is all he really had to worry about and the way he played it doesnt support that story

    2. WILL UIS

      @Hank Wu he just get the right and tight player , a call would be nice with top pair top kicker he wont be out of the game if ever hes beat in that hand

    3. Robert Johnson

      @Hank Wu his range also would include AQ, AJ, TT, JJ, KT suited, KJ, AT.

    4. Mr. War

      @Hank Wu Yep, but at least you call with such a strong hand to half of a pot, looks like a value bet but still you block KQ, not QQs but its very close. I would have call, may be thats why Im a fish lol

    5. Joseph J

      Lmao A-K shouldve instantly called. Other dude didnt even push all-in with his A-10 bluff

  24. Shakes First

    Sitting here in December 2020 watching people cough into their hands then touching the chips. I hated that shit pre-pandemic, now it just makes me squirm.

    1. ŠŁÆŸ


  25. Scott Martin

    These are ordinary bluffs for Mike Postle.

  26. Onkel

    Patur has heavy balls

  27. Макс Замахов

    Диллер прокашлял как то подозрительно для меня🤔

  28. Eeee F

    That young guy 😭

  29. Arisa Mrisa

    merrell twins

  30. Pistacher

    Gyorgyi had the craziest bluff ever

  31. Juan Contreras

    Hoodies and sunglasses should be banned from live tournaments

  32. Irish Innit

    The constant stacking of your mans chips really irritating me!

  33. Hubert Farnsworth

    He bets low just to demoralize them
    Right after he cleans them out

  34. Romeo John

    Jesus loves you all share the gospel it’s worth it watch over everyone you care for and love
    HELL IS REAL!!!!

  35. Idi Amin

    INWA bluff fukker

  36. E.B.

    Patur is the greatest of all time

  37. 42

    3:11 Patur almost mucks his time bank cards lol

    1. Gerwin Dsouza

      Lol 😂😂😂

  38. Spartan

    Odeen is chicken shit

  39. Mangalone

    They are allowed to have their phones..?!? WTF
    Constant playing with the chips is ANNOYING as fuck !!

  40. freelanceryuu

    Came here from Star Trek

  41. Jack Hopkins

    I just realized the dumbest person I know watches Lucifer too!

  42. Buyung Rachminto

    staring competition with playing card^^

  43. powerbluess

    Odeen is a disgraceful player

  44. たく


  45. Robert Hannaman

    Ya gotta get loose with your goose: Best Poker Advice Ever.

  46. Johnny Pickup

    I wonder how often these guys go all in

  47. nfc14g

    I mean bluff clips need at least a 10 hand context. Theyre either too long or pointless without the relevant build up.

  48. eri.pokeri Alb

    Im tom dwan fan but this player is insane skills💀⚡️

  49. mofeoluwa femi


  50. Luke Robertson

    Where did Patur finish in the tourney?

  51. Elisha J Cramer

    How is the first hand a bluff when he’s technically ahead?

    1. TWP

      @Dean Schneider Nah a bluff is when you have the worst hand but try to bet for value thats the official definition

    2. Marco MC

      Are we watching the same hand? Where does Odeen have a flush draw? Bruh these poker comments are smth else..

    3. Dean Schneider

      Its a bluff because hes not doing it to get called

    4. TWP

      flush draw puts you at a statistical favorite over a low pair

    5. John Shaw

      The other guy had flush draw

  52. Lucas 3X

    Odden o mt god..os Crazy ? K and A…high card fold no way

  53. Anthony Mason

    Unorthodox plays I love it!

  54. S. K.

    The opponents balls were bluffed away

  55. TheLuozhixiang

    He wanna fold his time bank lol

    1. Argel Chiapaprikabanana

      ikr? solid tell right there that hes making a move.

  56. Bizzle Beltran

    Poker question.
    Player 1 bets 50 after the river.
    Player 2 bets 150 without saying anything.
    Player 1 opens his hand and says he got a full house not realizing the re-raise.
    Who wins..
    Player 2 realize he didnt have the winning hand as well

    1. pvz x

      Player 1 can only call after opening cards on river. No re-raise possible

  57. Sarßl Coronrad

    Sometimes you have this lucky days sometimes not. But rage game doesn’t pay out in average. I think he had a bad day. I think his wife put too much salt this day into his soup

  58. QT8270


  59. jack0949

    2hand = odeen can t play

  60. Rahul Thukaram

    lol…he just stared into the soul of odeen😂😂

    1. JDeLeon

      Yo that cracked me tf UP 😂😂. I would’ve laughed like shit in his face not gonna lie

  61. regnet chau

    Patur plays so sick…. hes good

    1. velipulla

      @ŠŁÆŸ dont tell people what they are able to say and what not.

    2. Shakes First

      @Romeo John You replying proves Hell is real.

    3. Romeo John

      @Shakes First Jesus loves you all share the gospel it’s worth it watch over everyone you care for and love
      HELL IS REAL!!!!

    4. Romeo John

      Jesus loves you all share the gospel it’s worth it watch over everyone you care for and love
      HELL IS REAL!!!!

    5. Shakes First

      @OG Z Dog damn I hate having my own facts thrown back at me! Good point.

  62. Marek King

    AK pass? What na Moton. he should check

  63. psycomico athomas

    Patur is soooo Indian.. Why does he have an American flag near his name… He is Indian all the way lol

    1. Not Me

      If a cow is born in the chicken den, Its obviously a chicken.

  64. Melodic Guitar RockMetal GuiltyGearRockYou

    1:20 both player have 18% because one has backdoor flushdraw and the other backdoor straighdraw haha

    1. Connor STRIKER

      And split

  65. PokerStars

    Would you be able to pull off these bluffs?

    1. Romeo John

      Jesus loves you all share the gospel it’s worth it watch over everyone you care for and love
      HELL IS REAL!!!!

    2. John Boy


    3. Shakes First

      As a beginner player, its all I did.

  66. Clyde Pineda

    I would never fold an AK

  67. Cun Kruje

    Patur deserved to win this tournament.What a player.

    1. john bluz

      Did he win?

    2. Madfish889

      cant fold that AK with 500K chips

    3. Sridhar Natarajan


    4. shashank sabharwal

      @Declan Conroy the game is all about playing with minds not with cards..the guy who bluff washed the mind of the player who fold ..

    5. Declan Conroy

      Even with the big river bet, I still cant believe the other guy folded AK on that runout…. I think almost any decent player would have seen through that and called him.

  68. Gian Lombardi

    Patur: * Check bad hand of cards *

    Patur: *All in*

  69. Kawaki

    Imagine…If it was Lex instead of Odeen…

  70. jingwei zheng

    ak can call ike induce with the ace high dont fold

  71. Brian l

    So bluff big make them back out thats how you win this game?

    1. unbeknownstx

      a good player will call ur bluff an wreck u it looks cool but its dangerous in the all if if he checked hed be out of the tourney

  72. Scott James

    That AK fold against a known overly aggressive player was bad. J10 his only real value hand there unless he went thin with QK Or 99

    1. Scott James

      @Dj Izzy Duzzit dude got ran over by patur lol, have to remember that name patur if I play him and he plays like this hes smoked

    2. Dj Izzy Duzzit

      He will have to show me j10 or kq. Not folding ak In that spot especially with his chip stack

    3. Bobby M

      @Scott James I see your logic, good explanation there

    4. Scott James

      @Bobby M you have to overcall against known loose aggressive players especially after youve showed weakness by cold calling bets. Or youll just get run over everytime you show weakness. Tough spot forsure though. Thats why those players can be very successful, hard to play against put you in touch spots

    5. Scott James

      @Bobby M well Id have to see the hand again but by my reply Im assuming KK and QQ arent in his range, and since I said QK and 99 are thin Im assuming he had a polarized river shove so 55 and 22 also out of his range.

  73. Pierice 1o1

    “I told ya! Gotta get loose with your goose!”

  74. F.B.I

    When Patur play, they have to oder a special made titanium cast chair to support his massive diamond balls.

  75. garGANtuan

    That guys shades are so reflective you can see his hole cards

  76. Ken Caro

    Character is one of the biggest keys to be successful

  77. Trickshot Mayhem

    Bro the dude stacking his chips is the most annoying thing ever 😂

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