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  1. iknowicaniknowican

    Thanks for posting my favourite slot! Mega spins is worth a go on this. Ive been quite lucky on it recently

  2. Daniel Curry

    where are them cash centres

    well worth Robbing

  3. the Webster

    Just play a few more spins
    Few hours later oh ffs

  4. LDH

    I cant believe you won the jackpot, then went from 520 to 469, you have a problem, you know you do when you keep going after you won the jackpit

  5. Ben Tattersfield

    i never get any jackpots

    1. Ben Tattersfield

      Arcades seem to be more generous as well. I banned myself from the bookies.

    2. Ben Tattersfield

      @Andromeda I play the machines very cautiously however…. 20 quid in at a time, change stake if Im losing too quickly etc. Just try to get one big win and then get out of there. Otherwise, you will get rinsed

    3. Ben Tattersfield

      @Andromeda if its the top prize available, then its the jackpot in my book

    4. Andromeda

      that wasnt really a jackpot, a full screen of pots would have been a jackpot.

  6. Cheesy Cock

    Nice little win Darren, were you playing in an amusement arcade? Or Bingo hall? Or motorway services?

  7. Stake and Chips Slot Video Channel

    Nice £500 win there 🙂👍

  8. storm3698

    yes some money back from losses yesterday.

  9. Ben Tattersfield

    two ever

  10. rab day

    ffs my bookys are well behind the times we haven t a cash pay out machine

  11. Paul Badkin

    Take it you cant gamble anymore on this game

  12. Ashley Hutchinson

    have you tried putting 500 in and seeing what you might get back on one game. that would be fun to watch. keep up the great vids

    1. Dazza manGlasgow

      Yeah bookies is always fun to watch but to win cash your better doing online

    2. Dazza manGlasgow

      Putting £500 in and doing 250 auto-spins @£2 with no gambles and see the end result would be fun to watch

  13. Georges Lowe

    Interesting piece…havent seen anything like this before. But then, Im used to other types of slot games. I like the more popular ones which are online by the way 😛

  14. Ben Richards

    when did the cash centres come in? i stopped gambling 3 years ago!…

  15. Gavala 1980

    the biggest problem with the bookies is you can spend hundreds on the fobts but when you win they make you wait for the money saying the tills empty

    1. tommyc

      this is an arcade lol no bookies has a self cash out machine

    2. Obi-Wan Kenobi

      Gavala 1980 as a William hill bookie myself your not suppose to have much money in your till as in event of robbery theres not much you can hand over, if you have lots of money after collecting a machine or anything you put it in safe

    3. 264144253

      Gavala 1980 get it on your debit card instantly then you moaning spunk bucket.

    4. Gavala 1980

      yeah but surely they get money from bets or they could open the machine it just doesnt seem fair you can spend hundreds and have to wait ages to get some back

    5. Tina Coulson

      Yeah. Coz the money goes in the machine not the till!! 😩

  16. carefulcliffdriver

    mate – you have a problem… honestly, its not healthy.

  17. jedeye24

    Ive been playing this game for years I have never seen the jackpot
    Or ever had it

    1. Dimitri Panayi

      i got 8 pots earlier on a 10p slot, when i had about 30p left… i was a bit gutted i didnt put in 20p, but i made my money back

    2. Tony England

      Me either. Yet this guy plays it for 2 minutes, records it, and wins. I still think hes sponsored by the slot company.

  18. peter evans

    I went to a pub once and got threw out just because I gambled on jackpot repeat chance and won. I dont cheat I was with my family but just because I chose to play and win I got threw out and spat at as for my prize I did not get it. The police said aww we have more important things to do

  19. Ellis James

    great hit finally stop and step


    Nice win there darren where you from m8. and seaside not seen you in notts for a while where have you gone buddy??

  21. black man

    Play quick hit sevens please £2 spins

  22. Jim The Burrito

    How do you afford to gamble so much?

    1. Juan Jose Carrascosa


    2. Danny Pincher

      Adam Overs ESA and disability allowance because nobody who works could afford that much

    3. Jay Smith

      He gets a nice wedge from the casinos he plugs.

  23. A. S

    you should have collected the money after you hit the jackpot , you kept saying that i am going to play few more spins but you ended up losing about 75£ . so you could have collected about 520 £ instead of 450 £. My advice for everyone is once you win big , collect the money and walk away or at least change the game .

    1. Trevor Bryan

      That machine will have to take in £3,000 just giving a few small wins down the line before it pays out jackpot again if you see the next person go on to that machine it would be nice to say to him or her I just won the jackpot out of that

    2. Ryan Russell

      cos changing the machine makes more likely that the machine will pay out a jackpot again its how the slots work aha

    3. Casi MB

      I agree :]

    4. Henrik Kristoffersen

      alex Shon why does changing the game make any difference? Collect the money and come back later and play

  24. Adam

    If you win the jackpot and carry on gambling then you have a problem

    1. Cucumber Man

      @EssEff well simple answer unsubscribe and go watch someone else you moaner

    2. Cucumber Man

      He’s a wealthy businessman he probably makes what he loses in the same amount of time so don’t worry about lads

    3. Tony England

      @JJW Why do you think I prefaced it with _If you want to keep playing_ man

    4. JJW

      @Tony England just take the jackpot and walk from the building fs

    5. Tony England

      No kidding. If you want to keep playing, why not take the jackpot, cash it in, and use it on a different machine.

  25. Dingwall Ding

    Shout out from the wee stick man for me and Rory Davis please

  26. gary lee

    u probaly give it all back anyway, u fruit people dunno wen to stop

  27. Stephen Sawyers

    Only 1 winner mate trust me I no

  28. Hayden Firth

    I really don’t understand why people carry on playing after jackpot, it never pays out well after that. Shocker

  29. Liondown Sleeping

    its do you spend more

  30. Munu Ghl

    Wow nice win .. this is my fav game

  31. John Mover8

    fobt are getting worse every year when they first started it was a lot easier to win

  32. my pencil ART. Wayne Bailey

    FOR FUCK SAKE what a weird thing to say when winning the jackpot….which bookies were you in? Never seen the cash machine before..:)

    1. nostromo

      clue—- it wasn,t a bookies it was an arcade/ bingo area.

  33. Paul Johns

    This feels more like one of your old vids (and ive watched them all)! its brilliant! You should give Jackpot Gems another go, i know it is not the same version as it used to be but there is still a great potential for a cash out 🙂 (shout-out too if possible)

  34. englishcat19

    Nice one bro

  35. Andrew Rowland

    hey watch your vids they are the best do you think these fobs are on 92 percent win as it is getting harder to win the jackpot

    1. Andrew Rowland

      No chance i dont want to end up addicted

  36. prawnlaa


  37. alexflea1


  38. DropEightyFour

    this video tricked my phone into thinking Id said OK Google..

  39. Gareth Dunbar

    Lol. cmon jackpots, fuck that is jackpot! hahaha

  40. black man

    Yeah the one the bookies ladbrooks or coral

  41. Joseph Neale

    Nice £500 jackpot win

  42. The Serial killer

    Seen that happen a few times nice 1 👍

  43. whycantibefree

    Dude rule number one. Take the damn money and run. You hit jackpot. At most play down to 500. The machine isn’t going to give you fuck all else really except for some pocket change. 500 and bounce bro

  44. the King is back

    Y is buddy love saying your videos are fake

    1. the King is back

      Stop and Step yer its on bell crazy fruit video my bad not them that said it it was a comment left by someone else to hypaiflx

    2. the King is back

      Stop and Step yer him and hyperlink saying there fake I dont belive this though

  45. Dazza manGlasgow

    Sir Stop and Step you should have gave up and lifted out at the £510 stage. That would have been the ultimate smash n grab. Suppose you had to keep the fans happy and gamble on a bit. Nice video.

  46. Ferocious Super nova

    Always good to see you win my friend

  47. Steven Cross

    Is that just putting your wins back into credit

    1. Stop and Step

      Yes, but you can collect your credit at any time.

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