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  1. kera stellato

    i be died 659 time nothing works

  2. Diehudson Diehudson

    Thanks man you help me so much

  3. Subscribe or die

    I recommend using the boomerang, and spread shot. With the boomerang shot, you can do huge damage, it can be used like the pea-shooter, but it has shorther range, but if you face backwards, you can hit the boss no matter the range. And the spread shot is used so you can get even more damage in when you’re up close to the boss.

  4. Bimala Thapa

    After this it only token me 23 minutes to do the first level thx 😀

  5. TheTresman

    just got it yesterday. so beautiful and fun i was not prepared to rage quit.

  6. PublicEnemy-1

    I *love* how you care for us gamers who want to to become what I like to call *souls gamers*. Gamers who are can play difficult games. I love how you encourage and lookout for all us newbies and I love how at the end of this video, you made it not just about the game, but about the mentality of the gamer. “It makes you a better gamer” Such truth. I haven’t mastered Cuphead or Bloodborne but I can absolutely see how if I keep at those games, I’ll go back to games I ‘thought’ were hard and fly through them. Thank you 🙂

    1. PublicEnemy-1

      @The Inhuman One I think youll be happy to know that your advice is really helping me too! I have cuphead for the switch, and your tips are really coming into play. Especially the stay calm and dont panic rule! Steady as she goes is what I like to say when playing a level!

    2. The Inhuman One

      Thank you for your kind words!

  7. Y00NIE XX

    Him: calm
    Me and my brother while playing: STOP DIEING,HOW STUPID ARE U,I forgot how too peri-,…. I hate chu, XIME-CHAN,NICO-CHAN

  8. rrtkddigimon0

    keep attacking
    Laughs in Grim Matchstick

    1. rrtkddigimon0

      @Blauer Yoshi you need to unlock new types of shots and charms with coins.
      There are 5 coins in each runngun level (good luck with them, because to me personally they were more stressful than any S rank in the game) + 1 hidden coin in each map.
      + certain coins you get from NPCs in some maps.
      Technically you dont need to unlock them… But on practice it can be way too hard to beat certain bosses without different shots.

      Wish you good luck.

    2. Blauer Yoshi

      I hope ur reading my comment…
      I just started the game and I want to know if I have to unlock the different shooting types or if I already have them. And with what button do I switch them?

  9. REAPER2705

    Well Im not gonna play it anymore since I dont have any controller. Im broke yall.

  10. life is so unfair

    Every time I die in Cuphead, I just think *Should I smash my controller?*

  11. Mystic Ramen

    On my first ever playthrough of the game, I started identifying patterns after my battle with Goopy. With Ribby and Croaks, I noticed a big pattern with phases 1 & 2.

  12. Antonio Martinez

    I have beaten Cuphead 3 times on Switch and Im proud of it!

  13. Asphalt Runway

    The inhuman one: i like the kamahameha wave cause the damage is unmatched
    Roundabout Lobber & and cuphead legacy version: *Allow us to intruduce our self*

  14. Liam Franco Estrada

    i use charge and roundabout

  15. sot33W

    Bought this game yesterday. Took me like 5 minutes to figure out its basically just Dark Souls in a cute disguise. Seems good.

  16. Tyler Fout

    Thanks for this! hopefully It can help me beat the game.
    I finally beat Cuphead!

  17. Iggy

    I can’t even beat a single boss :/

  18. William Welch

    the respawn player 2 infinetly cheat is a way to win

  19. slash

    Im playing PC any tips?

  20. ehlay robert


  21. Ineedmoney

    I’ve definitely gotten better at this game I just mess up cause I try to rush after a few fails and mess up more.

  22. Misterbutter44

    I feel like some of the tips can be harmful. To start it is always good to have a balance of offense AND defense. Weather that means dashing out of the way or shrinking in a plane. Coffee is probably the worst charm because it barely adds to your super meter. Smoke bomb is 100% the better option. Charge shot is OP against most bosses and destroyed health bars.

  23. Thomas Vukovic

    i like how you said you steer clear of heart charms yet at 3:34 you have 6hp on the domino boss when the maximum amount you can have is 5

    1. kokisaii

      You can have 6

  24. Skittles

    Step 1. Dont waste money on the game what the hell are you doing buying cuphead

  25. Familia

    why would i want to care about hitboxes my peashooter does it for me

  26. sneaky ferret866

    I’m stuck on devil right now

  27. Cielo Sahagun

    I barely started playing 3 days ago 2 guys come out of both sides I jump in middle and use my dash

  28. Cabbage

    why am I seeing this now

  29. NuggetOG

    you cant hit what you cant see
    boomerang shot: im bout to blow some minds

    1. Sven

      NuggetOG hahahahah

  30. Sean Ulep

    Eyy I have a tip
    On the Ruse of an Oose you can duck in the 1st phase while he punches you.
    On the Potato in Botanic Panic you can duck while he shoots dirt
    (Use Spread so you will deal more damage) Correct me if im wrong because im playing in mobile

    1. Danytus

      If you duck in the root packs 1st phase, it will take dmg.

  31. Fizzle 43

    If you dont have time

  32. panda gaming

    Uh just FARM PERRYS

  33. The Casual Watcher

    Damn, this is gonna be the first time Ill be playing cuphead and this guide is SO helpful! Thanks for this video👍

  34. djmixnmagic

    Such a fun, but frustrating game.

    I would also add:
    1. Play the simple mode first so you have a feel for the boss
    2. Mix up your weaponry and strategy
    3. Play every day to keep your skills up, but set a time limit so you dont overexert yourself

  35. JoeMac 2nd1314

    Idk But for Controller
    I got the Lock on L2 And the shoot On R2

    1. qz9


  36. Ahmed Al Hilli

    Inhuman one: use the spread on the first phase of Beppi the clown

    Me: you do realize that 1 bullet of the spread deals 1.24 damage right?

  37. P1NK INC

    Comment what the length of the video was.

  38. Tron Howard

    Everyone: using RT is good strat for shooting
    Me who only uses X and has adapted to it with other skills i learned and having only round-a-bout and spread and have completed the game with them and have cried several times while dying on bosses that were difficult but still pursue to beating the game with a tactic I like that i made for myself: ok..

    1. Tron Howard

      you dont really have to like, likes arent really a matter to me

  39. Ennard Aka Burnt Spaghetti

    I got a tip Offense is a GENIUS defense

  40. Kick Bucket

    I think you might be taking this a bit to seriously

  41. Bleh Bleh

    I can’t even beat Barraness Von bon Bon on simple 😔

  42. Speed painter

    This was simple and helpful he even explained it very well

  43. Ruaridh Oneil

    Thanks mate Im on Inkwell island and have done all on regular except blimp flying level but gonna go back to that now I have bombs . Love this game as much as God of war and that says a lot . Cheers again amigo

  44. Andrea Turturro

    Farm parries

    Suddenly wastes one.

  45. Mike Forshay

    I think you mean square

    1. The Inhuman One

      This guide was made years ago. When Cuphead was “exclusive” to the Xbox One. Just adapt.

  46. Hypnos

    played cuphead for the first time on ps4 a few weeks ago, was able to beat it on expert mode about 8 days later with a lot of practice. I love this game, I only wish it was longer.

  47. Subscribe or die

    When i started playing cuphead, i couldn’t even hold the shoot button without using something to hold it down.

  48. Shaun Rampursat

    Really great video, totally useful and to the point. You just got yourself a new sub! Keep it up!

  49. ErnTheNerd

    run and gun?

  50. Purple_Pineapple

    Did you just call it a
    Milk Kame Ha Ma Ha

    1. The Inhuman One


  51. OfficialFeng

    i got A rank on every single boss in the game and finished the game as well on regular and only beat all the bosses in inkwell 1 on expert

  52. Canodiablo

    Why do I get this recommended after completing the game?

  53. amilcar guevara

    I mute the music so dieing doesnt get repetitive & yeah move around a little so you dont get trapped

  54. White Crewmate

    Any advice on grim matchstick? I cant beat this guy

    1. Mera Kiddo

      Use blobber bro

  55. Domedin

    I prefer using roundabout and chaser and smoke dash as my layout

  56. Subscribe or die

    Me: *sees this video on my recommended*
    Also me: The Expert

  57. Mr Dab

    Thanks man

  58. David S Pumpkins

    How to master cuphead

    Download a cheat menu online

  59. Alisher Pulatov

    This video like if u dodge the attacks u be better at cuphead

  60. Subscribe or die

    “You can’t hit what you can’t see”
    People who shoots the later boss phase that’s off screen: well, yes. But actually no.


    lol i have the cracked version lol

  62. Nguyễn Gia Bảo

    0:22 howwww to do thisss?

    1. Perttu Tunkkari

      Do what?

  63. archer playz

    Nice boxing tips

  64. Ching Chong

    i can really tell that theres alot of passion and love on making this game.

    1. Dark Shadow


  65. everygrainofsand

    Some great tips here, for a newbie like me (Im about to start Cuphead on the Switch)

    This video was also extremely well written: your epilogue was very inspiring: Cuphead will make you a better gamer, and you – quite rightly – refer to it as a work of art (Im in the camp that good video games can absolutely reach the bar of great art – I mean, just look at a title like Majoras Mask?!)

    Im going to check out your other videos on the strength of this one! Great stuff!

    PS – I know Im very late to the party!

    – everygrainofsand –

    1. The Inhuman One

      Thank you for your kind words! And WELCOME!

  66. Jake1945

    My question is what kind of shot is good against baroness von bon bon

  67. hadry iyad

    5:55 WhAtS WrORG WiTh MuGmAn

  68. Mari 05

    Help,,, I do well enough with the bosses but I can’t for the life of me win a run and gun,,, any tips y’all?

    1. Not WarriorDan

      first of all get a buddy to play with he will help you clear the other obstacles and help revive you in drastic measure
      second idk man

  69. Ad Rose

    Fuck it, I quit this game. Im with the baronesse boss and eventhough I know I can beat her (after many attempts), I wont spend/lose my time trying and trying many times to beat a boss knowing that it would be the same shit with the next one. Great game, but too time exhausting. Cheers for the vid.

  70. Celene Martinez

    You really helped me to be a better player in cuphead

  71. Smilingdiamond 323

    Well I just got cup head yesterday on PS4 and it is really fun I beat 2 bosses and I still can’t get passed the first level

  72. Virtual Lemur595

    Thank u soooooo much u helped alot

  73. Sharkys Random Channel

    my tip is only shoot when necessary shooting to much can distract you from your target and hurt your finger. (if your a switch player though and you have a wired pro controller put button spam on your assigned shoot button)

  74. Carlton Whyte

    The game is great but extremely difficult

  75. NuggetOG

    i prefer boomerang over peashoter since it has equal or slightly higher damage and i dont have to worry about facing in that bosses direction. i also always have spread shot

  76. Yailine Cruz

    Okay thank you bye

  77. Jade Rose

    Hah! use your Peashooter and also your Spread Shot 😂

    1. Not WarriorDan

      whats so funny?

  78. Newuxtreme

    Jesus you are a REALLY good cuphead player! Hows that even possible the game literally just came out a few days ago lol. You seem to have each move and each strategy figured out and mastered it looks like.

    1. Ananke

      @Newuxtreme Listen, fuck off. You are useless. Was so simple to answer, but you must act cool, snob or something like that. I resolved my trouble and I could do it faster with a reply here.

    2. Newuxtreme

      @Ananke Obviously you didnt. You asked here 5 times before even attempting to get the answer for yourself.

    3. Ananke

      @Newuxtreme And why dont you just reply on a simple question? Ive found the answer from myself.

    4. Newuxtreme

      @Ananke Why dont you just play the game first a ilttle bit and then figure it out from there, otherwise how will I be able to help you out?

      Once you play the game everything that is said above willl automaticlly start making sense to you.

    5. Ananke

      I dont know anything about the game, because Im going to install it soon, for the fist time.

  79. Klemenix

    Yeah no… First day already gave up fuck this… im not risking on smashing my computer…

  80. Neavz

    i play keyboard any tips?

  81. Arcane

    I stick to the same loadout

  82. Ronda Charles


  83. ps3myn3

    Tip #1 donf f* spoiler late game in your videos

  84. Mr. Teran

    Since it came out on the ps4, I have been using R1 for shooting

  85. Ching Chong

    how can you not get distracted with the visual!? this game is a work of art!

  86. Sam Oshea

    My son is 5 and wanted this game…. Iv been playing PlayStation for 20+ years, he asks me to try win levels for him, I literally cannot grasp this game, it’s to frustrating

  87. Tyler Evans

    This game is hard as hell. But I love it

  88. Joe Not Haha

    Is it normal to want to die everytime I play the game?

  89. Riley Priestman

    I’m honestly terrible at cuphead and never wanted to play it again but you helped me get better at it ( even though I still can’t beat Cagney carnation)

    1. Kira YOSHIkage but he big yoshi boi

      Riley Priestman use the roundabout

    2. Riley Priestman

      The Inhuman One yeah I’m just going to focus on Hilda berg

    3. The Inhuman One

      Take a break and revisit when your mind is fresh. Then Cagney will become nothing more than a distant memory 😉

  90. Mera Kiddo

    3:44 tip number 6 wasnt always true, sometimes(and most of the times for the plane levels) focusing on your character and the projectiles helps, this is focusing on surviving as you dont have to worry on the health of the enemy if youre always hitting them. Well, unless the enemy has specific hit-boxes like Cala maria or Dr Kahl 1st phase

  91. gold Week

    The first one is wrong don’t attack the onion

  92. Torta de maça

    thank you, you realy good player

  93. Green_vessel269

    inhuman: never let up on your attacks
    grim: a-are y-y-you sure a-a-a-about th-that?

  94. Buff Helpy

    I’m on the devil, what should my load out be?

  95. panda gaming

    Simply put… Oh no I messed up

  96. Gage Mikhail

    1:52 you could use tracker and charger

  97. Bobbie Chavers

    How to beat cuphead you cant win

  98. Axelin XX

    You make it seem too easy

  99. Slavic DoomSlayer

    The Inhuman One: You cant hit what you cant see

    Me Playing r6s: continues to headshot a blitz after being flashbanged

  100. BigBrotherSal

    This game make me realize that I wasn’t that good at a video games that I thought i was

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