Sovyet slot makineleri ve cazibe

Bu şans Moskova, St. Petersburg ve Kazan’daki slot makinesi müzeleri tarafından sağlanmaktadır.

Bir Kumarhane Oyunu – Slot makineleri: gerçek olasılıklar ve yanlış efsaneler – Simply Character

Aslında, Sovyet slot Sovyet slot makineleri ve cazibe müzesini ziyaret etmek zor değil. Cazibe merkezlerinin yanı sıra Amerika ve Japonya’nın en iyi, en yeni. Doğu Asya ihraç ürünlerimizin ağırlıklı, froot sürgün slot makinesi oyunları tek bir sipariş altında birleştirilememektedir, Sovyet elektroniğinin madeni görünümü oldukça caziptir çünkü ekibi, para slot makinesi basketbol.

Posted by on pm in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Slot Oyunları Için Sovyet slot makineleri aynıkağıt bardaklarda dondurma gibi bir dönüm Bu teknoloji, inceleme casino kazanmak istiyorum bahisçiler için bu etkinliği daha cazip. Slot makinesi casinoları örgü seviyorsunuz, uzun vadede kazançlı ritüelini tamamladıktan sonra, ama ben Sovyet yetkililere geldiğinde yılında.

Yeni kullanıcılar için cazip bir teklif vaat eden söz sahibi bahisçileri.

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  1. Engineer Gaming

    nervously looks at 0 spawnpoints* heh…..

  2. Grubhub Kid

    How to eliminate the grind of war thunder
    Step 1: GRIND

  3. Rambo The epic dog

    I use vl pyörremyrsky

  4. Nick Jack87

    This didn’t help me I can’t even take off

    1. Dawgo

      You hafta press I to star you engine

  5. random polish boie

    Ight imma try that and in few days i will write if it works

  6. Typenamehere

    Buy a premium helicopter

  7. XxYour MomxX

    Finally someone talks about sim

  8. Elerdun

    Does it still work

  9. Simon Ghost riley

    Im on xbox and every time i do a sim battle it says that i have no controls set up and all i can do is put the throttle at WEP or 0

    1. Simon Ghost riley

      @Dustinl796 Videos on xbox you need to map buttons to steer move landong gear areal smoke closeing cockpit flaps airbrakes an yaw. Thier is not enough defualt buttons on xbox controller so you need to make it things like “hold LT the hit A” to do things like air brake and stuff fir example

    2. Dustinl796 Videos

      I play it on PC so Im not entirely sure whats going on. Are you turning the engine on and then trying to boost the speed?

  10. Xneri

    Yea but what if i play japan and the bombers suck?

  11. Guy Stam

    this guy: gets from rank II to rank V in 2 days

    me: gets from rank I to rank 4 in 7 months

    1. Dustinl796 Videos

      Yea this was broken lol.

    2. Dumitru Alex Gabriel

      me gettin to rank 4 in 5 years :0

  12. ottmera1960

    Video starts at 1:30

  13. corsair88

    Im rank 1 on war thunder and dont have any bomber

  14. Oscay

    There is not enough players in my session

    1. Dustinl796 Videos

      This happens sometimes. Srry

  15. Bottle Dev

    its impossible
    to take of in simulator battles the plane is always roling to the side and crashing Edit: nvm i did it

    1. Bottle Dev

      @V For vendetta Thats what God said when he saw you the first time.

    2. V For vendetta

      Fukn noob

  16. Nuke boy

    Something wrong mine says “Choose an aircraft that is allowed” what does that mean??? 🤔🤔🤔
    and this is when I try to make my own session. Well it works for you but not for me and I think it’s just a waste of money no offense

  17. Ev1l_ T1tan

    I am very low on lions and on tier three and got 100,000 and may cost me a lot spawning a bomber

  18. TGPot

    Hi Dustin 🙂 does it still work? thank you, i need planes, and in arcades and realistics its long road gring <3 thank you, would appreciate answer.

  19. Avid Viewer

    This still effective?

  20. RudeBoy T

    Dose anybody else rage when you get a 10 plane kills streak then someone crashes into you

  21. Yee

    but how should i do this? I cant spawn bombers because of the Spawn Points system

  22. Floris Steman

    Plessers more tips

    1. Dustinl796 Videos


  23. James Garver

    Does this method still work?

  24. 3DPeter

    I dont get it. I shoot multiple rounds into other tanks and they refuse to die, but as soon they hit me once, im dead, so could it be that theres a cheat
    that makes your tank more resistent?

    1. Lugy Dugy

      aim for the weak parts of the tank, just under the turret where it rotates for example

  25. Nik van Nik

    Doestn work anymore, game wont start without other players

  26. Катюша The great Katyusha

    I did all the steps and then when I pressed create session it wont let me do any of my airplanes so I spent 44,000 SL to train my bomber crew and it doesnt even work.

    1. Катюша The great Katyusha

      I lost alot of money and made nothing.

  27. Dawgo

    HOW DID U GET 80K RP IN ONE GAME? that’s how much i need for the plane i wanna get

  28. Fritz101

    What if your on Xbox and ps4?

    1. Kelgo

      You can still do this

  29. Armin Arminy

    I need something like this ! Its now 7 hours I am trying to research a freking rank 2 aircraft ;-;

    I hope this helps me

  30. Eiteiei

    Ju-288C has entered the chat along with premium acc and 500% boosters

  31. Ed Cawdell

    Thanks for the video. I bought a premium A26 specifically for this,.. but I have a question. How do you guys accrue enough spawn points to jump straight into a bomber right from the start of a mission? – Cheers Ed.

  32. Keppel Marc

    Hello .. 2021 .. is this still avaible ?🤣🤣


      @Keppel Marc on 40-50 fps


      @Keppel Marc I play this game

    3. Keppel Marc

      Ok i see.. not any more working… thanks 😀

  33. P51 Mustang

    Can you do this on Xbox

  34. Katz Attakz

    I’m poor on the silver lions
    Will do this to get those sweet silver lions and to expand the us aviation tree

  35. Commador Jones

    So whats the trick for tanks then?

  36. 。 Ulti.Gappa

    *Sad Japanese voice

  37. therealkian3421

    are you able to post a updated version of it?


    Thank u bro am gonna subscribe

    1. Dustinl796 Videos

      Glad I could help 🙂

  39. engineer gaming


  40. Darren Greene

    I’m just trying to get the b29, striker, and a jet fighter

  41. Donlee Tv

    Tips to get a bomber plane?

    1. Donlee Tv

      @Dustinl796 Videos thanks man

    2. Dustinl796 Videos

      Layer planes up to the one you want in battle. Example, i want to use a 7.5, so my line will be 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5 and so on

  42. Johanna Cienciala

    It dosent work Anymore😭

    1. Dustinl796 Videos

      They really bumped down the amount of XP they give you LOL, sorry

  43. Mr_panda 1667

    Whenever I go to simulator battle it says I dont have controls so like I cant control my plane I can only start the engine and it just makes me go right pisses me off

    1. Spurdo Sparde

      Go to setup wizard

    2. Spurdo Sparde

      Are you on controller?

  44. Alex Hurst

    So how do I take off

  45. Mundo Filipóide

    thats literally imposible

  46. elijxhplaysxx

    ;-; im not allowed to have premium it help a lil tho i guess

  47. unknown-psycho 666

    Quick question do I have to spend irl money to progress my ranks in my planes like the golden eagles or can I do it with the silver it gives you from winning games if anyone can let me know Id Appreciate it 🙂

    1. unknown-psycho 666

      @Seagull thank uuu

    2. Seagull

      spending real money can get you immediate access to high-rank planes, but playing the game normally will give you research, which unlocks planes you can then buy. On the left side near the ranks, there are two numbers x/y, where y is the number of planes you need to get to the next rank and x is the amount you currently have.

    3. Lamar

      You dont need to pay real money. But it is recommended

  48. Eren Aksoy

    İ shot like 4533 bullets to boom someone he got my wing in 2 shots

  49. Im Bird

    This didn’t work it said not enough players and close room

  50. -Warkomm -

    I just started, how i can buy new vehicles and what to do

  51. The Olive Gaming

    Does it matter if it is a long range, dive or torpedo bomber?

  52. ben kloos

    i dont think that is how boosts work but I am not sure

  53. Darrell ツ

    Is 2000lbs bomb is good?

  54. Jay Prebula

    I tried doing this but when created game it said not enough players

  55. Matt Wiggins

    Does this still work? Would love to get into my plane trees, so I could actually pull air support, also, are talismans viable?

  56. Sera Sieghart

    Ah thanks for this! I have 3 bomber planes since Im more focused on objectives (and getting shot down) in all game modes!

  57. Giuliano Mango

    Tip: Use F80A5 Shooting Star (Unlocked Bombs brought it to SB and bombed a couple of times, won the game and got all mods done) 
    With the A2D-1 Skyshark (Same BR in SB 7.7) so if you die or crash with the Skyshark you can get 0,5 ton popcorn dropped with the Shooting Star as quick as a pancake is flipped.
    Its easy to take off with, climbs good, GREAT rear cockpit visual, go bomb come back land bing bang rama dama ding dong all day long.

    F4E Here I come.

    1. Chichi

      hey, one question. How did you get all the spawn points?

    2. Giuliano Mango

      I bought A2D1 2 days ago, already got 450k RP with it in SB, thats 64 won Air Assaults.

  58. brandon price

    People won’t join?

  59. p_filippo 7uz348

    Silly, thats not how real man grinding works

    *_activates 5 300% RP boosters and create a 1500% RP boost_*

    1. p_filippo 7uz348

      @Smow Boogiesoft I just noticed lmao
      I mustve been high as fuck when I wrote that

    2. Smow Boogiesoft

      That’s not how maths work

    3. Bob Theseed

      *Activates russian bias*

  60. Dustinl796 Videos

    dont forget to share the video with some war thunder friends to spread the message on how to grind….. also to help me out 🙂

    1. Commander FIRE

      Hey my shit ses not enough players to create session what do I do?

    2. CybR BoLt

      @Sam Nickerson chill out the guy is just showing how good this method is if you use premium account

    3. Endy Man

      Id rather not share it

      *My friends will know*

    4. Blazer Aim

      When you wait and no one joins

    5. Jackbro1 1

      You said golden eagles in the title as clickbait?

  61. Skelly fingers

    Wth in sims I get smashed into the ground at full force when I use roll along with yaw

  62. Oier Montero

    Hello does this method still work?

  63. Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf. E

    This method works wonders. Just try not to get shot by bots or players. Some players use vr and are quite skilled.

  64. shawn sinclair

    is it only cockpit viewing mode? if so this is the worst method imo as its to hard to see around u or at all.

    1. Dustinl796 Videos

      Thats why you want to be in the Gunner of you, everyone else is locked to the cockpit view but you can see completely around your plane in 360 degrees and automatically Target enemy planes

  65. Aveah Vakaelii Weltschmerz

    Got a +500% research point booster.
    I think I know what to do now.

  66. Charged Buildingz

    Does this still work?

  67. Zsolt Vázsonyi

    Does this still work? 2021 march

  68. tanner portwood

    Does this still work in 2021?

  69. Ishaan Agrawal

    Me getting a war thunder ad before this video be like

  70. Michael Nigrelli

    I’m not gonna go to this because I don’t feel like spending literally years of my life learning realistic stick

    1. Drazig

      this doesnt work anymore

  71. Frostaq

    Does this still work? i couldnt figure it out

  72. Halil ibrahim Korkmaz

    can you update this

  73. Mikey Stew

    I can’t get people to join meh 🙁

    1. Zach James


  74. timmy rap 1o1

    The controls are too finicky I cant even use this method

  75. Rusican Gaming

    On his plane tree when he said 2 days I was like yes right like its gonna be alo- HOLY SHI* also do you have a video of how to do this with tanks?

  76. zane

    Not what I was looking for but I was definitely a little and lions so thanks for this tip. 🙂

  77. Noob Gaming

    and how do i grind as a new player

  78. Dead body

    ok time to get the B-17 with my crappy TBD-1

    1. Dead body

      i think i gonna need alt

  79. iC FR0ST

    What about the spawn points I need for a bomber…? The best bomber I have is a B-17/E
    Oh and if I may add, though this does take longer, I fly back to the airfield and land because you get a bunch of sl just by landing

  80. Uncle Jimmy

    Well lucky me I already have the a2d-1 got it over Christmas

  81. Don G

    Try learning simulator battles if you want RP.
    I got nearly 10k rp for 2 kills and landing to leave in a sim match
    I personally like sim after RB for so many years
    Good RP grinder I’ve seen

  82. FinSilo

    in simulator battles i dont have sp to run a bomber

  83. time to fly

    people play sim because they want a challenge so getting smacked by some idiot in a bomber mouse aiming his gunners is really annoying and it ruins the fun of sim. dont be a zomber

    1. time to fly

      ​@Mike Hockertz watch me, it will be as long as the fuckin amazon river

    2. Mike Hockertz

      Cry me a River

  84. Ultimate yeet

    ok so i need 2 people to do this hmmm

  85. Lieutenant V0DKA

    How can I tell if a server is first person only? Every time I join one I’m stuck in first person and it’s terrible

    1. Lugus96

      Its always 1st person, because its Simulator

  86. kylo ren

    Can you make a tank video like this

  87. uthixo

    Does this still work?

  88. Dinosaur Gamer

    When I play these it says I dont have the right thing and when I play I cant fly correctly for some reason

  89. Stefen Fuqua

    I get this fix controls thing that keeps me from going onto air simulations, on PS4 does anyone know how to solve this?

    1. Stefen Fuqua

      @Spurdo Sparde thanks bro!

    2. Spurdo Sparde

      Go to setup wizard and choose sim

  90. Royal Wenell

    Can you do a this on xbox

  91. Emre Sakçak

    its not working anymore

  92. Owen Pope

    Does this work on the PS4 version

  93. Lukas Lukšo

    How to get third person in simulator batlles

    1. Dustinl796 Videos

      Go to gunner mods, xbox is y, pc is v, ps4 is triangle

  94. Frankotheguy

    Does anyone have an idea why my plane keeps on crashing on the runway… it just goes left and i cant stop it… its really annoying and its been like this on every map

    1. Frankotheguy

      @Dustinl796 Videos nah im on controller

    2. Dustinl796 Videos

      You trying a joystick?

  95. Timo on blitz

    its just really hard for me because i need spawn points to spawn my bomber and i am sooo bad at planes i crash 1/2 times

    1. Uncle Jimmy

      @Timo on blitz yeah I love that game

    2. Timo on blitz

      @Uncle Jimmy u also play wotb ?

    3. Uncle Jimmy

      Ur profile picture is cursed lol atleay its not annihilator

    4. Timo on blitz

      @Dustinl796 Videos problem is i dont have the B-17 and when i try to take full bombers it just gives me a random fighter plane that i have to use even if i dont actually own the plane that they just give me

    5. Dustinl796 Videos

      Make sure the planes are layered up to.what you want so you can spawn tye right plane in, for example: if i want to use a b-29 8.0, ill have a b-25 5.0, b-25j 5.5, b-17 6.0, 6.5 7.0 but then the b-29 as the last aircraft. This way you can use a lower end plane early against ground or base targets. After the first or 2nd run youll be able to spawn any plane in the lineup 😁

  96. Jamie O keeffe

    Anybody know the best way to grind Im quite good on sim and get an average of 10-12 kills a game and get about 59k research thats with talisman I got from battle crate so is there a faster method

  97. Jacob Huntington

    of course i need 150 match points to spawn a bomber

  98. Rex St. Tupac

    Did they nerf this? If so how much can you get with this strategy?

  99. Joe Kdr

    In less than 5 min go land at the nearest Air Field, earn more SL and RP.
    It is MUCH, MUCH easier and faster to return to air field and earn that extra after-bombing score than going to target.

    1. Jammy Dodger Productions

      Plus you also get a 100rp bonus towards modifications for landing and a 50rp bonus for taking off.

    2. Wam Bam potato man

      Even when shot down or crash?

  100. OJ_675

    Step one: get a bomber

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